Moncage Puzzle for Switch, PC and Smartphones presented

Moncage Puzzle for Switch, PC and Smartphones presented

Publisher X.D. Network and Studio Optillusion have unveiled Moncage, a puzzle adventure game that challenges you to explore a world enclosed in a mysterious cube. The project is slated to be released on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam) and mobile. Launch date and pricing have yet to be announced.

But the developers have already released a trailer that gives an idea of ​​the gameplay. Judging by the video, in Moncage, the player has to explore a strange cube. Each face is a window to a unique world, but at the same time, at certain angles, the worlds can touch and interact. Whether it’s an old factory, a bedroom, or a lost island, objects need to be connected to solve a puzzle and unravel secrets.

Moncage presents a multidimensional world with lighthouses, factories and harbors enclosed in a cube. Different spaces in a cube have different effects, and they all come together to create an unusual visual environment. In the process of solving puzzles, it is necessary to use optical illusions to discover hidden connections.

The developers promise that in the process of collecting scattered fragments, the plot will gradually unfold: players will be able to reveal the truth hidden in the magic cube. The team also announced that the Barcelona-based music group Berlinist, which contributed to the adorable watercolor platformer GRIS, has joined the project. Along with the release of Moncage, an original music album will also be released.

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