moon controls for the Apollo 11 mission

moon controls for the Apollo 11 mission

From the historical mission of American astronauts on the first landing on the lunar surface there are not many artifacts left. That closer promises to be attention to the auction, which will be presented to the manual control module “Columbia”. The future owner of the control handles of the command and service module CSM will part with at least $ 80 thousand each.

At the auction auction Julien in Beverly Hills July 17 and 18 put up three handles control module CSM. Two of them are directly the Columbia engine control sticks for maneuvering / docking with the space station, and the third is the manual shift handle. For each artifact, the owner expects to gain from $ 80 to $ 200 thousand. The name of the owner is not disclosed.

At that time – in 1969, when astronauts flew to the Moon – controlling the engines of a spacecraft with the help of a joystick was the most advanced in the world. When designing the control system for the CSM module, engineers abandoned mechanical devices in favor of electronics.

Fifty years ago, the electronic unit and the cable system from the handle to the unit were still the solution in terms of dimensions, but even in this form it was a revolution. Joystick movements were transmitted to the engine control system using three differential transformers (for measuring linear displacements) and 18 microswitches. In fact, the top of the high-tech iceberg will be sold at auction, but future owners should be warranted by the understanding that these pens were touched by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, who became legends.

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