Mordashev wants to create a Russian counterpart to Amazon

Mordashev wants to create a Russian counterpart to Amazon

Anna Savelyeva

Photo: Yevgeny Razumny / Information

The billionaire has decided to rely on a single ecosystem, combining its assets from different areas of business. Businessman wants to create his online marketplace by continuing to invest in customer-focused
consumer sector.

According to Bloomberg, Alexei Mordashov intention
open an online retailer and hit the scale of Amazon on the go. According to him, Severgroup has already made several investments “related to human needs: education, medicine,
travel and retail. »

“We are thinking of creating an ecosystem based on these assets – a kind of Amazon. Each of these areas is on the verge of major change, ”Mordashov said.

Last year, Severgroup acquired 78.73% of the Ribbon hypermarket network (including equity stakes in Luna Inc.), marking plans to change the Ribbon business by focusing on online sales and
fast delivery while maintaining the hypermarket model. Under the deal, it was estimated at $ 1.75 billion. The total amount will be approximately $ 729 million. According to Mordashev, the technology that should
modernizing the Tape is already being used in its proper “duckweed”, which will simplify the future merger of the two retailers.

In addition, the businessman owns a quarter of the TUI tour operator, namely $ 1.7 billion. Previously, Mordashev planned to bring his share up to 30%, but at the moment the task is not in priority, but there is
the assumption that in the future TUI may engage in hotel construction.

In the field of medicine, he owns 98% of the network of clinics “AVA-Peter”, mainly working in St. Petersburg. Billionaire wants to expand business and open new branches in the regions
Russia, as well as developing online services to diagnose and treat.


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