Moscow authorities have received a second lawsuit against the system of face recognition

Moscow authorities have received a second lawsuit against the system of face recognition

Anna Savelyeva

Lawyer Elena Popova, together with politician Volodymyr Milov, filed a second lawsuit with the Moscow City Ministry of Internal Affairs and the City Hall’s Information Technology Department. Authorities responded to
the requirement to ban the use of the system at rallies.

The claim is registered in the Tver Court of Moscow. The reason was the rally in
support for political prisoners held on September 29 at Academician Sakharov Avenue. The lawsuit is due on November 10, 2020. The first meeting is scheduled for January 31. In turn, the agency
stated that the use of face recognition does not contradict the law, the system works solely in the interests of ensuring the safety of city residents, biometrics of citizens in the center
no data storage.

“The system of video analytics in Moscow is used in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. DIT, as the operator of the GIS “Single Data Storage Center”, has all the necessary legal bases
for the reception, transmission, storage and processing of video information ”, – emphasized in DIT.

The department also reminded that the identity of the citizen is set by the employees of the authorized bodies in the manner prescribed by law, and thus, in the absence of the process of identification of the individual,
“Citizens’ video images cannot be considered biometric personal data.”

The story was fined by Olena Popov in 2018 for picket near the State Duma. Then, during the trial, the court examined a video from a street surveillance camera, where the woman’s identity was
increased many times, which led to suspicion of using facial recognition technology without written consent. He was followed by a lawsuit in October 2019. However, in November Savelovsky
the Moscow court refused to satisfy the claim. The Moscow Department of Information Technology has stated that the system operates in accordance with the law on personal data
and with the state program, and the department has no purpose to monitor citizens.

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