Most Anticipated Games of 2021 / Games

Most Anticipated Games of 2021 / Games

⇡ #The Artful Escape

  • Genre: adventure.
  • Developer: Beethoven & Dinosaur.
  • Publisher: Annapurna Interactive.
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, iOS.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

In The Artful Escape, we take on the role of a gifted teen guitarist Francis Vendetti, nephew of legendary folk musician Johnson Vendetti. Events kick off right before Francis’s first live show in Colorado. After meeting the inhabitants of the city, the hero begins to look for his stage image, going on a psychedelic journey according to his own imagination.

Players will have to find themselves in a variety of situations with the participation of bizarre aliens, visit the most beautiful locations and listen to pleasant music at every step. The environment will react to the guitar parts played by Francis: plants will bloom, animals will move more actively, and fountains will pulsate in unison with the melodies. You can use the guitar at any time, and not only for performing songs, but also for doing various tricks like driving on your knees and hovering in the air.

Francis can be changed at will: come up with a stage name, choose a home planet, decide on his backstory, and even put on his favorite costume to help him create the perfect image. The developers themselves call The Artful Escape “A pleasant mixture of rock operas, adventure games and guitar solos”

⇡ #CrossfireX

  • Genre: shooter.
  • Developer: Smilegate Entertainment, Remedy Entertainment.
  • Publisher: Microsoft.
  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

The multiplayer shooter Crossfire has been around for over ten years and during this time has managed to gain a huge audience – over 650 million users. However, it was only available on PC and only next year will it begin to conquer consoles. For this purpose, Smilegate has prepared a superweapon in the form of a story campaign, which is being created by Remedy Entertainment.

For the creators of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Control, this will be the debut first-person shooter, but the team is confident in their abilities – in an interview, the developers assure that the game should expect the same elaboration of the world, the same high-quality dialogues and the same interesting characters as and in their other games. Do not think that it will be a banal story about nameless warriors – in CrossfireX they want to tell about heroes that will be remembered.

Remedy had to study a lot of materials related to Crossfire – for more than ten years, a lot has been added to the shooter, and the story should make sense and not conflict with the universe created by its authors. At the same time, the Finnish team is practically not limited in anything – freedom of creativity allows developers to implement crazy ideas for which Remedy games are famous.

⇡ #Far Cry 6

  • Genre: shooter.
  • Developer: Ubisoft Toronto.
  • Publisher: Ubisoft.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

Far Cry 6 will take place on the fictional island state of Yara (clearly peeped in Cuba), led by Anton Castillo, played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. Anton’s father, who previously ruled the country, was killed during the revolution, which greatly influenced the hero’s worldview – he is sure that the island needs total control. He won the elections by rigging the results and continues the work of his father, teaching his son Diego the same principles by which he lived.

The protagonist will be Dani Rojas, a resident (or resident) of Yara, who joined the resistance squad in order to remove Anton from the presidency and return the island to its former glory. According to the developers, there will be “the most ambitious open world” in the history of the series and the largest map on which there will be a place for the jungle, and coastal cities, and farms. Gameplay it will be a classic Far Cry with tons of weapons, gadgets and vehicles.

From the fifth part, the system of mercenaries will return (among which there will again be animals), and the main character will be voiced. There are practically no other details yet. The shooter was originally planned to be released on February 18, but due to the pandemic, development will drag on until at least April.

⇡ #Ghostwire: Tokyo

  • Genre: action.
  • Developer: Tango Gameworks.
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

In the universe of Ghostwire: Tokyo, all residents of the capital of Japan mysteriously disappeared, and the city was inhabited by spirits from another world. The main character, for unknown reasons possessing supernatural powers, tries to cleanse Tokyo of ghosts and encounters a group of people wearing hannya masks – they will help him find out what happened to the city.

The game is executive produced by Shinji Mikami, whose latest work is The Evil Within and its sequel. But if that series was more like a survival horror, then Ghostwire: Tokyo is called an adventure thriller, although, of course, it will not do without a creepy atmosphere. The combat system in the game is in charge of Shinichiro Hara, animation director for Doom (2016).

The player will fight against opponents not with the usual weapons, but with gestures – the developers want users to feel like “cool ninja exorcists”, so they offer an unusual hybrid of karate and magic. Unlike many other games in which mages are physically weak, here they move like martial arts masters and can finish off opponents both close and at a distance. At the same time, it is important to study the strengths and weaknesses of enemies – what is effective against some may turn out to be useless in the fight against others.

⇡ #Gotham Knights

  • Genre: action.
  • Developer: WB Games Montreal.
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

The creators of Batman: Arkham Origins did not talk about their next major project for a very long time, but not so long ago they broke the silence. Set in the Batman: Arkham universe, their new game, Gotham Knights, will tell the story of four main characters at once: Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin.

We should expect a large open world within Gotham City, which will allow you to explore both alone and in co-op with a friend. The characters will obviously be very different from each other: Batgirl is trained in kickboxing and capoeira, Nightwing has excellent acrobatic skills, Red Hood knows a lot of fighting techniques with different types of weapons, and Robin is a master of stealth.

From the outside it may seem that Gotham Knights is just another game-service, but this is not at all the case. Much attention is paid to the plot and they promise to make it interesting even for those who plan to play solo offline. There will be no “grind”, you will not have to pay much attention to pumping, and between the characters they will be allowed to switch at any time before the start of the next mission. At the same time, each superhero will have his own skill tree, thanks to which it will be possible to develop characters in the direction that interests you first of all.

⇡ #Senuas Saga: Hellblade II

  • Genre: action.
  • Developer: Ninja Theory.
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios.
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

During The Game Awards 2019, the Xbox Series X design was unexpectedly shown and the Hellblade sequel was announced almost immediately. The debut trailer impressed with the graphics and made the audience question whether the game really looked like that, but what was shown was played on the game engine in real time – probably the final product will look even better.

Work on the sequel was planned even before Microsoft acquired Ninja Theory studio. In the second part, players will travel to Iceland – the developers specially visited this island state to recreate the most beautiful locations in the game. If the first part was completed in seven hours, then the continuation will be much larger – Senua will have to go through the territory of Iceland “Hundreds of miles”

The soundtrack is performed by the neo-folk group Heilung, using Old Norse texts from archaeological artifacts in their compositions. Unfortunately, there are no other details – immediately after the announcement, the developers stopped communicating with the community and are actively engaged in the development itself, in parallel supporting their multiplayer action game Bleeding Edge.

⇡ #Hitman III

  • Genre: action.
  • Developer: IO Interactive.
  • Publisher: IO Interactive.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
  • Release date: January 20, 2021.

The third part of the Hitman restart will be the final of the trilogy. As before, the player will be offered six huge sandbox levels in which to eliminate one or more objectives, and there will be a huge variety of opportunities for this.

Too many innovations should not be expected – as in the case of the sequel, the developers only improve what they did great the first time. Agent 47’s arsenal will be replenished with a couple of new types of weapons, and the main new gadget will be a special camera that allows you to access certain areas without using key cards or passwords. With this camera, it will be possible to organize meetings with potential victims or open elevator doors to find a new path to the goal.

The next-gen console versions will boast 4K @ 60fps support, while the PS5 will feature full DualSense controller support for the ultimate immersive experience. And if that doesn’t seem enough, you can put on a PlayStation VR virtual reality helmet and go through not only the missions from Hitman III, but all the maps from the first two parts.

⇡ #Hogwarts Legacy

  • Genre: action, role-playing game.
  • Developer: Avalanche Software.
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

For the first time, we learned about the new high-budget game in the Harry Potter universe back in October 2018, when its trailer of poor quality somehow got on the Web. The announcement was delayed for a long time, but the main thing is that the game was not canceled in the end – Hogwarts Legacy is planned to be released next year.

The game tells about the 1800s, so neither Harry Potter nor many other characters from the books will be found here. As a student of Hogwarts, we will go to lessons at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, visit the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade, as well as other vast locations in a large open world. Obviously, it will not do without studying spells (and using them), brewing potions, meeting fantastic creatures and many other elements that are required for such a project.

Fans of the universe dreamed about something like this fifteen years ago, when the Harry Potter games were getting worse and worse, and they wanted a large-scale adventure in the spirit of numerous films with actors inevitably growing up. Now this announcement causes nostalgia for those times, and it is very interesting how popular the upcoming novelty will become – will it attract mainly the “oldies”, or there will also be millions of young people who want to join Gryffindor and find out who is cooler in Quidditch.

⇡ #Humankind

  • Genre: strategy.
  • Developer: Amplitude Studios.
  • Publisher: Sega.
  • Platforms: PC.
  • Release date: April 22, 2021.

Historical strategy Humankind will allow players to create their own unique civilization, leading humanity from the Neolithic era to the present. The ruler will have to choose from more than fifty different historical cultures, each of which can influence the final result. According to the developers, there can be millions of options for civilization – the number of possible outcomes is incalculable.

It sounds very ambitious: you have to see real historical events with your own eyes and meet famous people, experience great scientific discoveries and the appearance of wonders of the world, and every decision and action taken will affect the world around you. The avatar of the leader of the people will constantly change as civilization develops, and new skins will begin to open as the level rises – a great opportunity to show off achievements in multiplayer designed for 8 players.

Obviously, it will not do without wars. In battles, you will have to monitor the terrain and take advantage of its advantages, carefully think over the combat actions and choose the location of your own city wisely so that it would not be so easy to attack it. If the developers manage to realize everything they promised, strategy lovers will disappear in Humankind for as long as in both Endless Spaces from the same team.

⇡ #Kings Bounty II

  • Genre: role-playing game.
  • Developer: 1C Entertainment.
  • Publisher: 1C Entertainment.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.
  • Release date: March 2021.

In 2008, the creators of Space Rangers released King’s Bounty: Legend of the Knight, an RPG with turn-based strategy elements, which is rightfully considered one of the best domestic projects. Since then, there have been several additions and even a sequel called “King’s Bounty: Warrior of the North”, and next year there will be an official numbered sequel – King’s Bounty II. Those who have missed past games do not have to make up for lost time – the action of the “two” takes place in the world of Antar, and Endoria and Teana from the previous King’s Bounty will be mentioned only in rare references.

The player will be offered a choice of three heroes (warrior, paladin and mage), who can be developed in four directions: order, anarchy, strength and skill. Pumping takes place not only through the distribution of skill points according to the selected branches, but also depending on the decisions made as you progress – for example, if you are too aggressive, the anarchy indicator will increase. Decisions will also affect the plot, however, the choice of lines in the dialogues will not appear, and it will not work to fail the quests – as the task is completed, you will receive such a reward for it.

There won’t be too many changes in the combat system, but some of them are significant. First, the model of each unit in the squad will be displayed separately – if there are five trolls in the group, then there will be five of them visually. And secondly, from now on, landscape and relief will play an important role.

⇡ #Little Nightmares II

  • Genre: adventure, arcade.
  • Developer: Tarsier Studios.
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.
  • Release date: February 11, 2021.

The sequel to the creepy platformer Little Nightmares follows the events following the Sixth’s escape from the Womb. She will meet the boy Mono, who wears a bag with slits for eyes on his head, and together they will go to explore the metropolis inhabited by zombie residents. The townspeople are under the influence of the announcer, transmitting information using a tall tower, which the heroes are trying to reach.

Those who played the early version note that the atmosphere in the sequel has remained the same eerie as in the first part. This is still a fully 3D game with a side camera, and there are no significant innovations in the sequel. The only noticeable difference is the change of the main character: we control Mono, who uses a flashlight instead of matches. With its help, you can not only illuminate dark areas, but also stop enemies, like ghosts in Super Mario.

As before, they are frightened here not by the sudden appearance of monsters, but by the uncomfortable environment. Now you find yourself in a room with unpleasant mannequins, which seem to come to life at any moment, then hands suddenly start reaching out to the character, from which you want to run away as soon as possible. The main thing is that this time the protagonist (and the player) will not be so lonely – the Sixth helps Mono climb high ledges and sometimes brings objects to solve puzzles.

⇡ #The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

  • Genre: action.
  • Developer: Daedalic Entertainment.
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment.
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One.
  • Release date: 2021 year.

From the creators of quests and 2D adventures you least expect to get a large-scale three-dimensional game, but the Daedalic team decided to take on such a burden, and even swung at the Lord of the Rings universe. Adventure thriller The Lord of the Rings: Gollum tells about Gollum, inside of which live two personalities – villainous and benevolent.

The goal of the developers is to reveal this hero, so the plot will not intersect with the books and will tell about the events before them. The game will begin in Barad-dur, where Gollum is being held against his will, but the authors claim that Sauron’s fortress will not be the only location available. Familiar characters, including the Nazgулыl and Thranduil, will also meet.

Gollum will pay much more attention to stealth rather than using abilities to deal with opponents. One of the main components is the constant struggle between Gollum and Smeagol, two parts of the character’s personality, and the player will have to take one side or the other, making decisions from time to time. It is not specified in what situations the choice will appear, but in any case, you should probably count on several endings.

⇡ #Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

  • Жанр: экшен.
  • Разработчик: Insomniac Games.
  • Издатель: Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • Платформы: PlayStation 5.
  • Дата выхода: 2021 год.

Хотя Sony планирует поддерживать PlayStation 4 ещё как минимум пару лет и выпускать для неё новые игры от собственных студий, без эксклюзивов PlayStation 5 не останется. Один из них — Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, весёлое и яркое приключение о героях, которые появились на свет ещё во времена PlayStation 2.

Главным злодеем станет император, управляющий роботами и желающий уничтожить органическую жизнь. Рэтчету и его напарнику Кланку придётся вновь взять в свои лапы и манипуляторы оружие, объединиться со знакомыми союзниками, встретить новых героев (в том числе девушку-ломбакса из другой реальности) и перепрыгивать из одного измерения в другое.

Последнее, как утверждают разработчики, стало возможным исключительно благодаря быстрому SSD в PlayStation 5. Межпространственные приключения с быстрыми переходами от телепортации к сражениям и наоборот якобы были неосуществимы на консоли прошлого поколения. Среди других особенностей — поддержка адаптивных курков DualSense, трассировка лучей, режим производительности с 60 кадрами в секунду, почти мгновенные загрузки, трёхмерный звук и многие другие «фишки», благодаря которым удастся в полной мере почувствовать новое поколение.

⇡#Shadow Warrior 3

  • Жанр: экшен.
  • Разработчик: Flying Wild Hog.
  • Издатель: Devolver Digital.
  • Платформы: PC.
  • Дата выхода: 2021 год.

В третьей части Shadow Warrior мы вновь будем управлять Ло Вэнем. На сей раз он и Орочи Зилла, превратившийся из антагониста в напарника, попытаются поймать древнего дракона, который их усилиями вырвался из заточения. Случайно получилось! Это будет ещё более зрелищный экшен от первого лица, чем прошлые части, — разработчики хотят предоставить игрокам как можно больше свободы и сделать так, чтобы они чувствовали себя могущественными в каждой схватке.

Многие элементы из прошлой игры серии, включая процедурно генерируемые карты и характеристики оружия, были либо упрощены, либо вовсе убраны из третьей части. Но и без добавок не обошлось — локации разрослись в высоту, а Ло Вэню дали больше возможностей в бою, включая крюк-кошку, бег по стенам, рывки в воздухе и прочие ловкие движения. Цель — позволить нам «почувствовать себя ниндзя из любимого аниме», так что экшен станет ещё веселее.

Местом действия вновь станет неофеодальная Япония, населённая демонами-ёкаями, а силы главный герой будет обретать с помощью технологий древних самураев. Юмор тоже никуда не исчезнет и подберётся ещё ближе к грани приличий — на сей раз Ло Вэню даже попытались прописать предысторию, чтобы шутки были связаны с его интересами, в том числе видеоиграми, комиксами и американскими фильмами.

⇡#Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

  • Жанр: экшен.
  • Разработчик: Fatshark.
  • Издатель: Fatshark.
  • Платформы: PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.
  • Дата выхода: 2021 год.

Создатели двух Warhammer: Vermintide под конец 2020-го анонсировали свой новый проект, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. Fatshark не стала уходить от того, что у неё хорошо получается, поэтому нас вновь ждёт кооперативный экшен с видом от первого лица. На сей раз инквизиторы отправятся в город-улей Тертий и будут сражаться с членами хаоситского культа, пытающимися завоевать планету Атома Прайм.

Как и в Vermintide, только сплочённый отряд из четырёх игроков сможет пройти самые суровые испытания. Предстоит осваивать не только ближний бой, но и дальний — разработчики обещают проработанную систему стрельбы и паритет между огнестрельным и холодным оружием.

Других подробностей очень мало: очевидно, будут разные классы, умения персонажей позволят настраивать, снаряжение можно будет улучшать, внешний вид менять — но всеми подробностями поделятся позднее, пока же разработка далека от завершения. Игравшие в раннюю версию журналисты сообщают, что в основе своей это всё та же Vermintide, но с некоторыми интересными дополнительными особенностями вроде динамических карт и смертельно опасных погодных явлений.


Это, конечно, далеко не все ожидаемые игры, но остальные не попали в список по разным причинам. Одни, как Tunic и 12 Minutes, без конца переносятся — мы уже писали о них в прошлых статьях, с тех пор новой информации почти не было, а игры до сих пор в продажу не поступили. Другие, как новая God of War и сиквел The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, окутаны тайной — мы видели лишь коротенькие ролики, которые мало о чём говорят. Как бы то ни было, громких релизов в 2021 году будет немало. Расскажите в комментариях, чего ждёте вы!

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