MSI introduced motherboards series MPG, MAG and PRO on the chipset AMD B550

MSI introduced motherboards series MPG, MAG and PRO on the chipset AMD B550

Taiwanese company Micro-Star International (MSI) introduced motherboards based on the new B550 system logic, previously announced by AMD. The main feature of the new chipset is support for the PCIe 4.0 interface, which now comes with relatively low-cost solutions.

Last year, the MAG series of motherboards (Tomahawk and Mortar models) were especially popular on the B450 platform. This year, the company decided to present all its series based on the mid-budget chipset, including MPG, MAG and PRO. Almost all of the 10 boards presented today are suitable for building high-performance full-size or compact gaming systems. All new items offer a front USB Type-C port, as well as support for RGB-backlight. Some models offer support for the Wi-Fi 6 wireless data standard.

The older MPG series boards are ready to offer the highest possible equipment. The flagship model of the MPG B550 Gaming Carbon WIFI series has at its disposal a power subsystem reinforced according to the 12 + 2 + 1 scheme, two M.2 slots with radiators, and also offers a 2.5-gigabit network port. There is also support for Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C and Flash BIOS.

The MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI model is a compact version of the flagship and is designed to build small but productive Mini-ITX form factor systems. The board has at its disposal: a processor power subsystem according to the 8 + 2 + 1 scheme, one M.2 slot with a Shield Frozr radiator. The presence of HDMI 2.1 allows you to use 4K-displays with a resolution of up to 4096 × 2160 and a frequency of 60 Hz.

MSI’s MAG Series replenishes with new MAG B550 models Tomahawk, MAG B550M Mortar WIFI, MAG B550M Mortar and the MAG B550M Bazooka, which is suitable for less demanding gamers.

Model MAG B550 Tomahawk is ready to offer everything that the average player needs. The network capabilities of the board are provided by one gigabit and one 2.5-gigabit LAN ports. The board offers a single M.2 slot with a Shield Frozr copper heatsink and allows you to update the BIOS even without installing a processor, memory and video card thanks to Flash BIOS technology.

MAG B550M Mortar WIFI and MAG B550M Mortar Micro-ATX form factor differ only in the latter lack of Wi-Fi 6 AX support, as well as in different colors of the heatsink cooling elements VRM, chipset and radiators M.2 SSD. In all other respects, they are identical. The power subsystem is built according to the 8 + 2 + 1 scheme, both boards have one M.2 slot with a Shield Frozr copper radiator.

Like all the above boards, the initial segment models, which include the MSI PRO series of motherboards based on the B550 logic, offer support for the PCIe 4.0 interface not only for video cards, but also for the M.2 slot. The presence of a 10 + 2 + 1 scheme for VRM will ensure stable and reliable operation of Ryzen 4000 processors. To ensure effective cooling of the NVMe SSD drive for the M.2 slot, a Shield Frozr radiator is also used here.

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