MTC has invested in the developer of the biometric payment platform

MTC has invested in the developer of the biometric payment platform

Catherine Alexandrova

MTS has become a shareholder of Swipglobal Ltd (Cyprus), which owns 100% Smart Wallet (a SWiP trademark), the developer of a platform for personal biometrics payments and retail loyalty programs.
The agreement aims to further develop SWiP’s business in Russia. The share of MTS in Swipglobal Ltd’s capital will be 15% and may increase further. The amount of the agreement is not disclosed.

SWiP has developed and is actively implementing a service platform for contactless payments via biometrics and QR code with automatic customer recognition in loyalty programs and at the same time
discounts, bonuses and points at the time of payment. In connection with the POS-system and CRM of the retailer, the service eliminates the presence of a customer’s bank card and loyalty cards, accelerating customer service at checkout.
As noted in the company, the rejection of plastic loyalty cards, electronic cards in a smartphone and dictating the cashier phone number increases the number of checks identified and makes the purchase process
fast and safe for the customer.

MTS expects that the agreement will help strengthen expertise in biometrics and create new solutions for ecosystem partners enriched by big data. The operator will support SWiP in its promotion
biometric platform to market and launch new business products.

Biometric identification, non-cash payments in Russia


Katerina Alexandrova

Catherine Alexandrova

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