MTS and Ericsson launch industrial KAM at the KAMAZ plant

MTS and Ericsson launch industrial KAM at the KAMAZ plant

MTS and Ericsson, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, have deployed Russia’s first industrial LTE private 5G zone at the KAMAZ plant in Naberezhnye Chelny.

A private (wireless) network designed to solve technological problems combines various elements of the enterprise’s ecosystem into a closed loop that provides
increased security and reliability. KAMAZ’s private network simultaneously supports 5G and LTE technologies. In the first phase of the network deployed CCTV and group communication, secure
access to local information resources and VR / AR solutions for remote staff training.

During testing, the maximum data rate in LTE standard reached 46 Mbps, in 5G standard – 870 Mbps. Using the 2100 MHz LTE band for signal transmission
5G network information has increased the coverage of the 5G base station in the 28 GHz band.

The network has been deployed using Ericsson equipment, including the Ericsson Baseband 5216 digital module and 2100 MHz panel antenna, as well as the Ericsson Radio 2219 2100 MHz remote radio,
Ericsson Baseband 6630 digital module and Ericsson AIR 5121 28000 MHz receiver. During the testing of data rates, a 5G device from Sony, which supports frequencies, was used
millimeter range. The server was running Qualcomm client software.

On the basis of the private network 5G and LTE it is planned to implement various solutions in the field of industrial Internet of things and automation of production processes at KAMAZ.

In April 2018, MTS, KAMAZ and Ericsson signed an agreement on cooperation in the creation of communication networks for unmanned vehicles, development and implementation of industrial Internet
things, as well as production automation at KAMAZ.


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