MTS has appointed a new Vice President of Engineering

MTS has appointed a new Vice President of Engineering

MTS has announced the appointment of MTS Vice President for Technology Viktor Belov since January 1, 2020. Andriy Ushatsky, who has led the technical unit for the last 10 years, will take over
technological strategies of a number of companies belonging to the perimeter of the MTS Group.

Since 1996, Andriy Ushatsky has gone from a technical specialist to a vice president, under his leadership two networks – 3G and LTE – have been built, and business digitalization projects have been launched.
Viktor Belov was for several years the deputy of Mr. Ushatsky.and the head of various technical units of MTS.

In a new position, Victor faces the task of further technical re-equipment of the company, including in the context of the development of the MTS ecosystem and converged products, and should also be
construction of next-generation networks – LTE Advanced and 5G, which in the coming years will become the basis for the development of new services.

Viktor Belov has been the Director of MTS Convergence and Transport Networks since 2018. Since 2012 he has headed the department of trunk and Internet network, and since 2011 – the department of transmission network

He joined MTS in 2011 after joining Comstar-UTS, where since 2009 he has headed the Directorate of development of service platforms and networks.

From 1998 to 2008, he held various leadership positions in the technical development of MTU-Intel, Multimedia System, Scientific Communication Business Communication and Zenon NS.

Born in 1975 in Moscow.

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