MTS launches AI-based document builder for small businesses

MTS launches AI-based document builder for small businesses

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 07/31/2020

MTS launches AI-based document builder for small businesses

The solution allows you to create new contracts based on multivariate templates prepared by the MTS Artificial Intelligence Center with the involvement of EY Law lawyers. The product is designed as
an independent part of a robot lawyer and is available on the platform of tools for SMB “MTS Your Business”.

The Document Designer gives customers the ability to use a library of ready-made templates or create new documents. The service allows you to reduce the time for the formation of any typical document
and minimizes the likelihood of errors in it. The MTS Artificial Intelligence Center maintains the relevance of the available templates, and the cloud hosting of the service ensures that immediately after the update on
servers, the current versions of templates become available to all users. The SPARK Interfax database is integrated into the designer, which allows you to automatically fill in the details of counterparties, saving
time for data entry and subsequent verification of their correctness.

With the help of the built-in editor, users can independently customize templates for all typical documentation. Document Designer includes two use cases – “user”
and “lawyer”. To create a new document in the “user” mode, you need to go through three steps: select a template, go through a questionnaire and fill in the key fields. Then the system will automatically generate
document text that can be saved to a computer, printed or sent by e-mail. In the “lawyer” mode, the function of creating new templates and editing existing ones is available.

The cost of an annual subscription, which includes licenses for five users, will be 12 thousand rubles. Until August 31, 2020, an annual trial subscription for one user costs 120 rubles.

Other services for SMB are also presented on the platform: MTS Marketer – for self-launching online advertising, Insider – for remote verification of counterparties, Workzen – a task manager for

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