MTS will create the basis for smart cities in the MoD

MTS will create the basis for smart cities in the MoD

MTS has announced the launch of a program for the development of a fixed data transmission network in the Moscow region, which will create a technological platform to launch innovative services for residents and
cities in the region.

The program is designed until 2023 and provides for the development of high-speed Internet access channels through the GPON fiber-optic network in residential and office premises in 36 cities of the Moscow region
with a population of 50 thousand people. The focus will be on cities where this coverage was insufficient. The choice also took into account the presence of mass development and the number of buildings
high surface, proximity to the Ring Road and a degree of economic activity.

This year a high-speed data transmission network will be built in nine cities: Podolsk, Sergiev-Posad, Domodedovo, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Serpukhov, Dmitrov, Shchelkovo, Ivanteyevka, Solnechnogorsk. IN
In 2021-2022 construction is planned in 20 cities, in 2023 – in seven other cities.

The plan is as follows: in four years, taking into account the existing network, MTS will be able to provide Internet and digital services based on it in 54 cities, ie in 75% of the cities of Moscow
area. More than 1.5 million households and administrative buildings will be connected to the fiber optic network.

Based on GPON communication channels, a backbone network will be built, responsible for the speed and reliability of mobile data transmission. A few years later, the standard will become the main one for
implementation of projects in business and projects “Smart city”, “Smart region”.

The total investment of MTS in the development of modern wireline infrastructure of the Moscow region in 2020-2023 will amount to about two billion rubles.

MTS has built more than 46,000 km of GPON optical communication lines in Moscow. 98% of the households in the capital have no technical connection to this network without New
Moscow. In the Moscow region, a fixed network was built in 18 cities and about 40 settlements. Fiber optic transmission technology is used in some cities and towns
GPON data, in others FTTB technology.



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