National search engine "Sputnik" finally closed

National search engine “Sputnik” finally closed

The state search system Sputnik, launched by Rostelecom in 2014, turned out to be unpopular and may be closed or reoriented to solve other problems, reports CNews… Mikhail Kozlov, head of research projects at Group, and previously director of product at the site, was one of the first to notice the termination of the search engine.

On his Facebook page, he wrote that “Now instead of a search portal – a corporate site”, and only the news section remained from the project. Searching on them redirects to search

This is how the site page looked before closing

This is how the site page looked before closing

The native search string from the Sputnik website has disappeared. The main page contains links to other developments of the company – trusted and corporate browsers, an analytical system and a distribution kit for corporate search with machine learning.

Edition Forbes reports that Rostelecom plans to contribute to the development of Sputnik “adjustments that correspond to reality“. According to one of the interlocutors of the publication, one of the possible options is the re-equipment of the state search engine for tasks related to the calculation of big data. The service will not be completely closed, since it was initially positioned as a national search engine and it would be wrong to liquidate such a project, another source close to this issue commented on the publication.

The system started working in the spring of 2014 in open beta mode. In the first days, “Sputnik” was used by half a million visitors, and in the first week – two million.

According to Vedomosti, the initial investment in the project by Rostelecom amounted to $ 20 million. CNews, expenses on Sputnik by mid-2016 amounted to at least 2 billion rubles. excluding the cost of renting space for developers. By April 2017, less than 1% of the total number of Russian users used the service in Russia. The number of transitions from Sputnik to other sites of the Russian Internet was only 100,823. For comparison, the share of Yandex in April of the same year was 54%, Google – 40.8%, – 4.4%. And they’ve had billions of conversions. A year later, Sputnik was declared bankrupt. In July 2019, Sputnik LLC ceased its activities.

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