NAUMEN Introduces PIN Generation Service at Bank of Russia

NAUMEN Introduces PIN Generation Service at Bank of Russia

NAUMEN has completed the project of introducing a secure PIN code generation and banking card activation service at AB RUSSIA. It will allow customers to receive a PIN through an interactive voice system
(IVR) when contacting the contact center of the bank.

Instead of traditionally receiving a PIN code in an envelope, cardholders of RUSSIA Bank send a request to the contact center operator who verifies the customer with their passport data and code word and
forwards a call to an IVR with a PIN change service. The service generates the code and voices it to the client. In case of problems at one stage or another, for example, if the client is not found in
the call center or card is blocked, the call is transferred back to the operator to find a solution.

The project was implemented in strict compliance with safety requirements. At the Naumen Contact Center, the PIN code is encrypted using the 3DES encryption algorithm. For a moment
Speaking the PIN code automatically blocks the recording function. It is also possible to disable operator and client conversation recording on certain forms of the questionnaire, and all
DTMFs sent by the client via IVR that do not store traces (logs) in the system.

RUSSIA Bank has been operating on the Naumen Contact Center platform since 2016. During the implementation of the solution, the integration of the contact center platform with the business process management system was carried out

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