Navitel Navigator 11 with the function of projection on the windshield appeared on Android

Navitel Navigator 11 with the function of projection on the windshield appeared on Android


Anna Savelieva | 02/18/2021

Navitel Navigator 11 with the function of projection on the windshield appeared on Android

The company has introduced a new version of the program for Android devices, adding a number of functions. At the same time, Navitel Navigator retained the main tools: offline navigation, relevant
online services, as well as a regularly updated database of traffic cameras and warnings. It should be noted that after the update, all previously installed maps must be downloaded again.

The most frequently used parameters were displayed in the main menu of the application: setting the sound, updating / displaying data on the current situation on the road, viewing saved trips and routes.
The “Maps” section, which contains everything related to navigation maps (lists of downloaded maps, information about updates and purchases), is now placed there. At the same time, the section has been moved
“Exit Application” button, which became the last item of the main menu. You can also exit the program by simply double-clicking the “Back” button on the smartphone screen.

The top menu bar is gone. This approach made it possible to simplify the use of a smartphone with an active Navitel Navigator 11 window and to facilitate access to the information of the upper bar of the device: state
battery power, notifications about missed calls and messages, the quality of the Internet connection and phone signal. As a bonus, the old keyboard layout has been replaced with the default one.


What’s really important is that in the 11th version voice search appeared. Access to the function is implemented as a line on the main screen of the program – above the area map. Sound prompts for upcoming
route maneuvers, camera warnings and traffic events will now be active even when the application window is minimized.

In the search engine for “points of interest” now the category “Transport”, which will help you find airports, metro stations, railway stations and ports. As a bonus, users will have access to a list of the nearest
stops of ground public transport with a distance to them. The category “Parking” has also been updated, which will not only display all the nearest parking lots with an indication of the distance, but also give
possibility to find a parking lot or camping.

And finally, a rather interesting feature is the Head-Up Display, which turns the device into a head-up display. HUD technology allows displaying on the front
car glass information about the current speed of the car, speed limits on this section of the road, the upcoming maneuver and the estimated time of arrival at the final point of the route.
True, this function is available only for a fee.

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