New Android Trojan disguises itself as an app for delivering system updates

New Android Trojan disguises itself as an app for delivering system updates

New malicious software has begun to spread among users of Android devices. It disguises itself as a system update and is capable of taking full control of the device with the possibility of data theft. This was reported by the specialists of the company Zimperium, which works in the field of information security.

We are talking about the System Update utility, which is supposedly designed to deliver updates to the device. It is reportedly distributed through third-party sources and has not previously been seen on the official Play Store digital content store. The source says that after installing the application, it hides its activity and begins to quietly send various data to servers controlled by the attackers.

A malicious application can steal messages from users, contacts, collect information about the device, record calls and what is happening in the vicinity of the device using a microphone, take photos, etc. In addition, the malware tracks the location of the device, intercepts data from the clipboard and performs scanning for search documents. To mask its activity, the application can reduce the amount of consumed Internet traffic by sending not full-fledged images to the attackers’ servers, but only their sketches.

Zimperium CEO Shridhar Mittal believes the detected malware is most likely part of a targeted attack. However, the researchers were unable to establish who the developer of this software and against whom it was used. “I think it took a lot of time and effort to create this app. We believe there are other similar applications, and we try our best to find them as quickly as possible. “, – Mittal commented on this issue.

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