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New antitrust lawsuit against Facebook to be filed in court before the end of the month

According to online sources, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing to go to court with a new antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. It is noted that the proceedings on the violation of antimonopoly laws “most likely” will begin at the end of this month, but due to a number of reasons, it may drag on for a long time.

Image: Michael Reynolds-Pool / Getty Images

Image: Michael Reynolds-Pool / Getty Images

Officials are reportedly leaning towards an “internal case” that should be handled by an administrative law judge, rather than bringing in multi-state judges. It is assumed that such an approach will increase the chances of the plaintiff to win the case, but the process itself may take several years.

The suit, which has been pending for some time now by the FTC, is expected to blame Facebook for taking over other companies and using data controls to stifle competition. Based on the results of the consideration of this case, the court will not necessarily issue an order to separate Instagram or WhatsApp, but this option is also not excluded.

It is worth noting that the information about the new antitrust lawsuit against Facebook came at a time when the US government is making a lot of efforts to investigate the activities of other tech giants. An example of such work is the recent US Justice Department lawsuit against Google.

However, the uncertainty that has developed due to the protracted US presidential elections does not allow predicting exactly how the antitrust investigation against Facebook will develop in the future. If a new president comes to power, changes may be made to the leadership of the Federal Trade Commission, which will affect the approach to the consideration of the case of Facebook and other tech giants.

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