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New background app handling feature in Android 11 will help improve battery life

According to online sources, developers from Google are testing a new feature in Android 11 that will significantly increase the battery life of devices. We are talking about a new way of processing background applications, thanks to which unused processes will be temporarily suspended, which means that their maintenance does not require the allocation of computing power of the device.

Image: XDA-Developers

Image: XDA-Developers

If you are using a smartphone with a small amount of RAM, then in certain situations you probably noticed that multitasking in Android may not work as fast as you would like. Developers at Google have been working on changing this for a long time, but now it takes a lot of resources to run multiple applications simultaneously. In some cases, the user also has to choose between multitasking and the battery life of the device they are using, as applications running in the background can drain the battery much faster.

The developers intend to fix this with a new feature for Android 11. This feature will allow users to suspend the work of background applications, preventing their execution and thereby significantly increasing the battery life of the device by reducing the level of allocated processor power. The source says that the first mention of this feature was found in the code of the second beta version of Android 11, but then it was not possible to activate it. However, already at that time it was clear that such an approach would reduce the load on the processor, and with it the power consumption.

Now it became known that Google began testing this feature, since it became available to some users of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 smartphones. Moreover, the feature in question was enabled by default, which is why users paid attention to it. The fact is that when it is activated, the process of reopening the newly minimized application takes longer than usual. This makes working with multiple applications less convenient.

Obviously, the new feature will increase the battery life of Android devices. However, at the same time, it makes the multitasking mode less convenient, at least at this stage. It is possible that by the time of the mass launch, the function will be finalized, due to which it will become truly useful.

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