IT-Weekly Review: Intel

new CEO of Intel, special processor for mining cryptocurrencies


Gennady Belash | 02/21/2021

IT-Weekly Review: Intel's New CEO, Special Processor for Cryptocurrency Mining

Of the important news this week, we note, perhaps, the following. Pat Gelsinger becomes CEO
Prior to joining EMC, he worked at Intel for 30 years, becoming the company’s first Chief Technology Officer.

Nvidia has created a special processor for cryptocurrency mining. This is done in order to solve the problems with GPUs, which are still in short supply. Often
GPUs are used to mine cryptocurrencies. And now – a separate Nvidia CMP processor designed for professional miners. The Nvidia CMP processor is expected to become
available in the I-II quarter of this year.

On the Russian market, perhaps I will note that The Russian smartphone market sank in the fourth quarter of 2020, it became one-fifth less than the same quarter last year. AND
Russian PC market decreased by 3.3% in fourth quarter of 2020. Exports of software companies in Russia in 2020 increased by 5-10%, and sales of Russian software
companies in Russia grew by at least 3-5% …

My office, Russian manufacturer of office software announced the delivery of 20 thousand licenses of software “MyOffice Standard” for the enterprises of “Rosatom”.

AliExpress Russia: a quarter of the turnover is accounted for by Russian sellers.

From useful news: the Citymobil service added to the application the option of ordering a taxi for another person – “Order a friend”.

As for the financial market, at the end of the week mixed dynamics prevailed. By the end of the auction, Brent crude oil could not hold near $ 65 per barrel and lost 1.2%, gaining a foothold
at the value of $ 63.13. The black gold rate tends to rise due to frost in Texasthat provoked a record drop in oil production.

In the foreign exchange market, the dynamics of the Russian ruble reflected the movement of oil, the USD / RUB pair rate rose to 74, the EUR / RUB pair rose to 89.74. However, we must not forget that the ruble is very vulnerable to
relation to anti-Russian sanctions, which is embedded in its quotes.

On cryptocurrency exchanges, day by day obey all new historic highs… On Wednesday, the BTC / USD pair was trading $ 48,000, on Thursday $ 51,000, and on Friday – above $ 54,000, while
while Ethereum continued to move towards $ 2,000 and on Friday it was held at $ 1,965. The growth of the BTC / RUB pair, according to the CEX.IO exchange, amounted to more than 5% and at the end of trading price of one
bitcoin approached the round value of 4,000,000 rubles.
The market continues to be influenced by the news about Tesla’s purchase of bitcoins in the amount of $ 1.5 billion and the approval of ETF funds for
bitcoin by Canada and Australia. Soon, investors are likely to start revising their portfolios towards decreasing the share of Bitcoin and increasing the share of Ethereum. Primary growth potential
cryptocurrency is limited by its high cost, while Ethereum has every chance of repeating the dynamics of BTC up to $ 10,000. (Ksenia Sokolova, Drofa agency).


MERLION on exclusive rights brought a new product from HTC to Russia

– budget smartphone HTC Wildfire E lite. The model has a size of 5.45 inches, HD + IPS display with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and a resolution of 720X1440 pixels, runs the device with Android 10 Lite OS
Go versions.

Treolan became the official distributor of the online platform developer

Russian IT distributor Treolan (part of the LANIT group) and the Inmagine Group, the developer of the online platform, signed a cooperation agreement. Treolan began deliveries in January
electronic annual licenses through its partner channel as an official distributor of the trademark. is an “Agency as a service” integrated online platform utilizing patented artificial intelligence technology. The idea of ​​the solution is that users who do not even have
experience in design, could independently create logos, banners, videos and graphic layouts in a few minutes. To do this, the platform provides simple and intuitive tools.

diHouse is the exclusive distributor of the “smart” Rubik’s cube in the Russian Federation

DiHouse company (part of the group LANIT) and the Israeli technology company Particula signed an exclusive supply agreement
developmental devices. Two models can already be purchased in Russian retail chains and online stores: Rubik’s Connected and GoCube. Both models associated with the applications teach assembly and
turn the puzzle into an interactive game. The GoCube is a true bestseller with worldwide recognition and numerous awards.


MyOffice, a Russian manufacturer of office software for document collaboration and communication, announced the supply of 20 thousand licenses for the software “MyOffice Standard” for the needs of 87 enterprises
State Corporation “Rosatom”.

In 2020, the company “Basalt SPO” delivered more than 110 thousand OS licenses of the “Alt” family (including those certified by the FSTEC of Russia) to state and commercial organizations
sectors. The total cost of licenses was 491.5 million rubles. For the first time, the bulk of supplies fell on critical information infrastructure (CII) facilities – they purchased about 70
thousand licenses.

The operating systems of the Alt family run on nine hardware platforms and are compatible with a wide range of application software from the Unified Register of Russian Programs. Russian OS “Alt” use
government authorities and medical institutions in many districts, regions and territories of the country, for example, the USR registry office, the Pension Fund of Russia, Russian Railways, Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, Goznak, an airline
“Russia”, the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the National Medical Research Center of Oncology, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Central Research Institute of Aerospace Forces, regional structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and many others.

HPE Delivers Real-Time Data Analysis in Space thanks to commercial peripheral computing systems sent into space for the first time. Through
Spaceborne Computer-2 (SBC-2) developed by HPE, astronauts and researchers on board International
Space Station (ISS)
will be able to reduce the time of analysis and obtaining the results of experiments in extraterrestrial space from months to several minutes. SBC-2 will be used for
a wide range of tasks: from processing medical images and determining the sequence (sequencing) of DNA to obtaining predictive analytical data processing information from remote
sensors and satellites.

New products

PFU (EMEA) Limited announced in Russia the expansion of its line of personal document scanners ScanSnap and the release of two new models ScanSnap iX1400 and ScanSnap iX1600… These
scanners are designed primarily for efficient work in a home office environment.

The iX1600 and iX1400 scanners can process documents at 40 pages per minute. The device is equipped with a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF), and can scan the most
different formats, including business cards and receipts. At the same time, the ix1400 is now more budgetary than the previous ix1500. All scanners in the ScanSnap line have a fully Russian-language interface and ScanSnap Home software.
There is also the ability to quickly convert images to text formats with support for the Russian language.

Microsoft has released an update for Windows 10 version 21H1.

New features include multi-camera support for Windows Hello and security-related performance improvements.

Russian platform for creating corporate chatbots CraftTalk is integrated with Microsoft Teams

CraftTalk, a Russian developer developing an AI platform for providing contact center services for text, has integrated an intelligent chatbot platform with the Microsoft service
Teams. CraftTalk is now available globally on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AppSource platforms.

The R & D team “Rikor” announces the release of an extended version of the BMC management system for server platforms RAS (Rikor Access System). Additional control functionality can be
provided to partners upon request for an additional fee. The extended BMC module implements sending e-mail messages to the administrator about the server status, visualization functionality
indicators of server performance sensors and the possibility of their graphical presentation.

IBM creates energy efficient AI chip

IBM has developed a new “AI accelerator chip” that specializes in accelerating AI-related computing. The device is created using 7 nm technology, it has
four cores. While the chip is in the experimental stage. It is noted that the created chip will increase the computing power of AI solutions without having to pay much more for
electricity. For example, the processor is expected to speed up live speech processing or the performance of image / video applications and improve the performance of stand-alone solutions.

Results of activities

The Russian smartphone market sank in the fourth quarter of 2020

In the fourth quarter, the growth of the Russian smartphone market slowed down, and its volume amounted to 7.902 million devices, which is one-fifth less than in the same quarter last year. In value
in terms of the market reached $ 2.247 billion (in average retail prices excluding VAT).

At the end of 2020, the Russian smartphone market amounted to 30.376 million devices, decreasing by 7.6% in piece terms and reaching the lowest volume since 2017. In monetary terms, the market
smartphones lost 8.5% over last year.

Samsung took the leading position in unit shipments in the fourth quarter by a wide margin, while Apple surpassed Xiaomi in second place. Moreover, Apple’s market share
smartphones grew to 19.1% in unit terms – this is the best result since the beginning of 2018. In value terms, Apple for the first time in Russia outstripped all other brands in aggregate. Growth
Revenue was boosted by the launch of the iPhone 12 line, which accounted for about half of the brand’s sales in the quarter.

IDC summed up the research of the Russian PC market

for the fourth quarter of 2020. According to IDC PC Quarterly Tracker, about 1.66 million desktop and laptop computers were delivered to Russia during this period, which is
3.3% less than in the same period in 2019 and is comparable to the forecast for the beginning of the third quarter.

The share of consumer laptop models decreased by 1.5%, while the share of consumer desktop models increased by 18.0%.
compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. These indicators correlate well with the increased demand of the population for gaming desktops (in
due to the release of several upcoming games in the fourth quarter), the growing popularity of all-in-ones and interest in small desktop PCs
format. A quarter of notebook shipments and more than half of desktop shipments were for corporate customers.

The five leaders of the Russian PC market included the following companies: HP Inc. (18.3% of all PCs delivered in the quarter), Lenovo (18.0%), ACER Group (17.1%),
ASUS (11.8%) and Huawei (5.4%).

The laptop segment was down 0.8% from Q4 2019. Deliveries amounted to 1.142 million units. The largest number
laptops delivered to the Russian market during the reporting period were released under the ACER brand. The five leading suppliers of laptops also included Lenovo, HP
Inc., ASUS and Huawei in descending order of shares.

Data centers

IXcellerate started developing a new site in the south of Moscow

total area of ​​14 hectares. The southern campus – IXcellerate Moscow South – will unite several data centers and become the largest in Europe. Its power capacity will be over 200 MW, design capacity – 20,000
rack-places. The first 1,200 racks are planned to be commissioned in the second half of 2021.

Customers of the new data centers will be able to connect to any of the 54 telecom operators present at IXcellerate sites. Distance from the southern campus to MSK-IX – the largest exchange point in Eastern Europe
Internet traffic – less than 9 km.

Orange Business Services will build a data center in the new capital of Egypt

The project is being implemented in partnership with the communications operator Orange Egypt, which will provide access to the infrastructure, manage the data center as the general contractor for the project. Expected,
that it will be one of the largest data centers in the Middle East and North Africa: investments in the project exceeded $ 135 million.


The State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft law on taxes on cryptocurrency …

Since 2017, Sberbank has received over 150 patents

on intellectual property based on projects of 15 thousand employees involved in the development of unique technological solutions. In total, over 420 patent applications have been filed during this time.

VTB has reduced the commission for money transfers from card to card abroad – from 1.5 to 1% (for transfers to Visa and MasterCard) …

Education and training

“1C-Rarus” together with the company “1C” has released an electronic delivery

solutions “1C: Transport logistics, forwarding and vehicle management KORP” for 20 jobs for higher and secondary educational institutions.

The solution will help prepare students for future work in transport and logistics companies.


MCN Telecom, which implements the MVNO project for business and private clients, announced the inclusion of 11 more large regions of the country in the home by the end of the third quarter of 2021. IN
In accordance with the approved development plan for the MVNO MCN Telecom network, by the end of the first quarter of 2021, it is planned to launch mobile services in Bryansk, Kaluga, Orenburg. Until the end of II
quarter – in Yaroslavl and Ryazan. In Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Petrozavodsk, Tula, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk and Cheboksary, the commercial launch is scheduled for September this year.

JPL Telecom launches in Russia

JPL Telecom, a manufacturer of communication devices for contact centers, offices and telecommuting, announces the start of sales in Russia. Distinctive features of JPL Telecom devices are
modularity, reliability and minimum software. Customizable solutions are an exclusive offer from JPL Telecom.

Founded in 2004 in the UK, JPL Telecom began its journey by supplying components to the industry’s leading manufacturers. JPL Telecom is currently the third largest in
UK maker of headsets for business telecommunications. The company is part of the JPL Group.

Service maintenance

Citymobil service added to the application the option of ordering a taxi for another person – “Order a friend”. We also conducted a survey and found out to whom and under what circumstances a taxi is ordered to another
person. According to the survey, most often users call a taxi for their parents (30%), spouses (23%), friends (16%) or children (12%).


The Perekrestok retail chain has developed and implemented an end-to-end system

product lifecycle management Product Lifecycle Management (PLMX), which is used to manage your own brand (PLM) network. PLMX System Will Reduce Startup Time
new private label goods by 38%.

The new PLMX system enables tracking and administration of the launch of new products under private labels throughout the entire life cycle: from the moment of the formation of an idea for a product
and working out its details before hitting the supermarket shelf and collecting sales analytics. The user-friendly interface contains all products with relevant statuses and tasks, economic indicators and
necessary analytics. The functionality of the system also includes the storage of key documents and various reference data.

AliExpress Russia: a quarter of its turnover comes from Russian sellers

The number of local sellers at the end of 2020 was 35 thousand. They account for 25% of the platform’s turnover. About 80% of local sellers are small and medium businesses. Assortment of Russian goods
sellers increased to 5.5 million unique items. Goods from Russia are delivered in 4.5 days on average.

The monthly audience of active users reached 29.1 million people. The daily active audience of AliExpress Russia is about 8.8 million people. At the end of 2020, the site has about 61 million
registered users who have used the marketplace. The total audience of AliExpress Russia in Odnoklassniki and VKontakte has reached 8 million people a month.


X-Com has completed the IT infrastructure project of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). As a result, new workplaces of employees are equipped with laptops,
meeting the requirements of the institution.

During the implementation of the project, X-Com specialists performed a survey of the existing IT infrastructure, including the applied software and hardware solutions, client systems and tools. IN
As a result, recommendations were developed for the organization of workplaces, technical specifications were drawn up, including requirements for laptops and their typing, depending on the tasks performed
by the customer’s specialists.

JSC “Mercedes-Benz RUS” has implemented SAP ATT (Advanced Track & Trace) system для реализации требований законодательства по обязательной маркировке товаров, вступивших в силу с 1 ноября 2020 г.
Компания использует SAP ATT для маркировки складских остатков, импорта, локальной закупки и продажи дилерам. Работы выполнялись компанией IBS совместно с технологическим партнером 3Keys GmbH.

Компании ЛАНИТ и «Топ Системы» заключили договор о партнерстве

в области внедрения цифровых технологий проектирования и производства для предприятий сложного наукоемкого машиностроения.

Департамент цифровой трансформации машиностроения ЛАНИТ работает в области PLM-технологий. Задача департамента – организация процессов цифрового проектирования и производства для предприятий и
холдингов, разрабатывающих и производящих сложные наукоемкие изделия.

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