New Dragon Age Coming To The Game Awards 2020

New Dragon Age Coming To The Game Awards 2020

2020 Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has announced that Electronic Arts and BioWare will be hosting a special screening of the next Dragon Age on December 10. The game has been in development for several years, but so far the publisher has shown only a brief teaser.

The announcement was made to celebrate Dragon Age, which BioWare celebrates on December 4th. At the same time, a series of four new stories from BioWare’s storytelling team were unveiled to help illustrate the future of the Dragon Age brand as a whole:

  • Bryanna Battye’s “Next”;
  • Ruins of Reality by John Dombrow;
  • Sheryl Chee’s Shadows of Minratos;
  • Mary Kirby’s “Awakening”

The first trailer for the next Dragon Age was unveiled during The Game Awards in 2018. While at gamescom 2020, the publisher shared little information about the project, little is known about it.

In early July of this year, BioWare gave assurances that the game’s production was going smoothly. The new Dragon Age is rumored to be based on Anthem’s code base. Verified insider Jason Schreier revealed this in April 2019.

Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah recently left BioWare along with General Manager Casey Hudson. The game is now being led by BioWare Austin CEO Christian Dailey.

Dragon Age is not expected to release until April 1, 2022.

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