new hero, weapons and more

new hero, weapons and more

On August 18th, Apex Legends Battle Royale kicks off season 6, Overclocking. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are promising a new Rampart Legend, new weapons, a fresh Battle Pass, Ranked Mode, Crafting System, and more. All this is demonstrated in a fresh video game.

First of all, in the new season of Apex Legends, the developers have updated the “End of the World” to allow fighters to explore the changed environment, create new routes and master new strategies. Also, the developers promised that the changes will solve the problems that the community has complained about.

Points such as the Launch Complex with a giant rocket that can be seen even from the processing plant appeared on the map; Countdown, replacing the drilling site, with three huge blast-resistant walls that can be activated to protect approaches; and a “Preparation Point” in the middle of a busy area in the center of the map on the site of a small town – the battles here will be much more intense.

Another innovation is the powerful Volt energy submachine gun. There’s also a new way to get better gear – the item crafting system. And with a fresh Battle Pass, you can instantly unlock exclusive items like the Legendary Sentinel Roll Cage or three new rare Legend skins.

But the key innovation is, of course, a new legend. This is a modification expert Ramya Parekh, also known as Rampart. Her sharp tongue is matched only by her arsenal. She not only owns her own mod shop, but also made a name for herself in clandestine battles. Although, after success, enemies often come, and she knows from which end to take up the weapon she has improved.

Of course, you will have to complete daily and weekly challenges and earn rewards, including new Holosperes, Apex Packs, XP bonuses, skins and skins. For those who wish to challenge themselves, a new Ranked Series for Season 6 will begin.

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