New Iron Harvest Trailer Introduces Dieselpunk RTS Storyline

New Iron Harvest Trailer Introduces Dieselpunk RTS Storyline

In preparation for the launch of Iron Harvest, Deep Silver and German studio King Art have unveiled a fresh trailer revealing the storyline of this dieselpunk RTS in an alternate 1920s.

Previously, there were videos dedicated to three key factions: Rusvet (reminiscent of a mixture of the Russian Empire and the USSR in an alternate past), Saxony (reinterpreted Germany) and Polania (dieselpunk Poland). The game will tell about the atmospheric events of the alternative 1920s, when these three factions clashed again on the battlefields, still remembering the bloody battles of the First World War. The storyline campaign will highlight the conflict from all three countries and will focus on their unique heroes.

The video itself begins with Polania: Janek goes to war, despite the protests of his father and the crying of his sister. He, obviously, will not return, and his sister with her tame bear will become one of the key heroes of the Iron Harvest story. In addition to her, the trailer also contains the Russevian operative Olga Morozova, the veteran of Saxony, Gunther von Duisburg, and a number of other heroes. There is also Tsar Nikolai with his adviser Rasputin, and the Kaiser. We are shown many spectacular skirmishes and passages alluding to the secret forces that unleashed this conflict.

Iron Harvest will tell an epic story about the conflict of three countries, each of which offers different tactical options. The game not only promises a rich story spanning over 20 missions across three campaigns, but it will also bring support for multiplayer with an emphasis on tactics. Additional maps for Skirmish and Challenge modes allow you to challenge the AI ​​alone or in co-op.

An open beta is already available. Iron Harvest is slated for a full launch on PC on September 1 on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. Full Russian localization is declared. The release of the console version (so far only options for PS4 and Xbox One have been announced) is scheduled for early 2021.

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