New Microsoft Store on Xbox One will be significantly faster and easier to use - details

New Microsoft Store on Xbox One will be significantly faster and easier to use – details

Microsoft has unveiled a new digital Microsoft Store on Xbox. It has been completely redesigned to be faster, safer and easier to use than before. Store testing will begin on August 5.

The new Microsoft Store is twice as fast as the previous one. It launches in less than two seconds, and its overall performance has also improved: pages load much faster. The store has been designed so that you can find everything in an intuitively simple way: from sales, add-ons and subscriptions to the desired movie and trailer. You can also watch the video while searching and browsing other pages and easily find out which games your friends prefer.

The changes also affected several important functions of the store:

  • Wishlist: now you can easily add new games to your list, quickly check its contents and monitor the price of goods;
  • search: it will become easier to filter the result;
  • shopping cart: it will be easier to add items to the cart, as well as view them before and during the purchase;
  • Backward Compatibility Game Purchases: In the new store, you can view prices for games of all generations (Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox), add them to your wishlist or cart.

Microsoft has paid particular attention to parental controls. Viewing store content now requires logging in to your account. It will also help Microsoft adjust to your preferences and show what you like first. In addition, the corporation has improved content filtering for children’s accounts. For example, an 8-year-old will not see games or applications that are not designed for their age if you set parental controls this way.

You can take part in testing the updated Microsoft Store by joining the Xbox Insider program on the official website. The corporation did not announce the launch date of the store for all users.

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