New trailer and details about upcoming pirate action movie King of Seas

New trailer and details about upcoming pirate action movie King of Seas

In July, 3DClouds unveiled its most ambitious project, the pirate third-person action RPG King of Seas, which will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch closer to Christmas. Now the developers have shared the details and a fresh trailer with the gameplay.

King of Seas revolves around a pirate theme, and variety is achieved through a procedurally generated game world. You can make your own path, explore new islands, interact with different characters and confront other pirates in sea battles.

Promised not only the opportunity to surf, but also a story of betrayal and revenge. The dynamic world reacts to every action, constantly adapting and creating new challenges for the player. Sea routes change with each settlement you conquer, difficulty adjusts as you complete missions, and weather changes play a key role in navigation and combat strategy.

Moreover, a pirate’s ship is not just a vehicle, but a real house. So you can actively personalize your battle fortress. There are five different types of ships available in the game: longboat, brig, flutes, frigate and galleon, each with its own style of play. All of them are effective in their own way. New equipment and equipment can be purchased, received for completed tasks, or captured. Each piece of equipment installed on a ship changes its parameters and characteristics, affecting its behavior in battle. Some elements, like the hull and bow shape, change the appearance of the ship. In total, over 900 items will be available – there is where to roam.

King of Seas is, of course, based on naval combat, so learning how to navigate in combat is the key to success. Ship handling changes depending on the direction of the wind, the type of ship, and the talent points gained as a result of increasing the level of installed consumables. Cannonballs can only be fired from the sides, so the correct position of the ship is the key to success. Choosing the right cannonball to fire can turn the tide of battle. There are three types of cannonballs that can affect the viability, maneuverability, or efficiency of enemy ships.

In addition to the basic combat mechanics, you can unlock special abilities that make the battle more varied: flamethrowers, aetheric navigation or voodoo rituals. The maximum combination of four unique abilities can be used to deliver a fatal blow or get out of dangerous situations. Each battle won raises a bounty for the hero’s head, and as a result, you can face some of the most feared pirates in history. But the higher the difficulty, the greater the reward.

But King of Seas is not only naval battles. The developers have spent a lot of time creating an interactive world, where every step of the task opens up new challenges and opportunities. These are special tasks that allow you to earn additional rewards; and new adventures; and the search for maps that can lead to submerged treasures and buried riches. You can also trade with new settlements, each of which produces a specific product. In one place you can buy cheaper in order to sell at a higher price in another. 30 types of sea fish can also be used for food and trade.

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