new transistors, new microarchitecture, new graphics

new transistors, new microarchitecture, new graphics

Resource VideoCardz With reference to his anonymous sources, he shared new information about the architecture and other features of the upcoming 11th generation Intel mobile processors of the Tiger Lake series. Recall that the official announcement of these chips is scheduled for September 2.

SuperFin Transistors and SuperMIM Capacitors

According to the resource, the new Intel mobile processors are built using an improved 10nm process technology and use the new SuperFin production technology. It is based on new SuperFin transistors and SuperMIM capacitors. According to sources, this improvement within the 10nm resolution of lithography gives an increase in performance comparable to a full-fledged process step.

SuperFin transistor and SuperMIM capacitor (left)

SuperFin transistor and SuperMIM capacitor (left)

The improved FinFET has an increased gate height (higher actuation current), an improved gate process (better carrier mobility in the channel), and a lower resistance between source and drain. An additional advantage of the new architecture is the use of a SuperMIM capacitor, which five times increases the capacity of a conventional MIM capacitor, as well as an improved interlayer connection in the metallization layers with a 30% reduced resistance.

It is also reported that in the future, Intel will adapt the SuperFin architecture for use in processors intended for data centers.

New Willow Cove cores

Intel Tiger Lake processors have received new Willow Cove cores, which are based on the Sunny Cove core architecture. Sources point to a redesigned mid-level cache of 1.25 MB. In addition, the company has implemented new Clow Flow Enforcement technology, which improves security against attacks aimed at corrupting return and hop addresses.

More importantly, the new chips will provide “a significant boost in frequency characteristics over the current generation of Ice Lake processors.” It is stated that Willow Cove cores will get higher clock speeds at lower voltages compared to Sunny Cove.

Intel X Graphicse-LP

Integrated graphics of Tiger Lake processors use new X architecturee… It is characterized by the presence of up to 96 Execution Units (EU). In comparison, the integrated graphics of current Intel processors only use up to 64 EUs. In addition, the new iGPU has 3.8MB of L3 cache.

Memory handling and bandwidth

According to sources VideoCardz, the new Tiger Lake processors will double the memory bandwidth of the Ice Lake processors to 86 GB / s. It also claims support for various RAM standards, including LP4x-4767, DDR4-3200 and LP5-5400.

New opportunities

Tiger Lake processors will be the first Intel chips to support the PCIe 4.0 bus, providing 8 GB / s bandwidth across four limnias. Integrated graphics Xe-LP Tiger Lake processors will be able to handle more displays at higher resolutions. The source reports support for video playback in 4K format at 30 frames / s, and in the future – and up to 90 frames / s at the same resolution. The use of new instructions and the specialized accelerator Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 2.0 will improve the efficiency of work with various AI applications, for example, related to HDR noise reduction technologies.

Additionally, Intel Tiger Lake processors will offer support for Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 Type-C ports. Each of them will be able to provide data transfer rates up to 40 Gbps. At the same time, USB Type-C can be used in alternative mode, which will ensure the operation of all functions of the latest version of the DisplayPort 2.0 standard through the USB-C connector.

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