New Vegas returned to free access, but without some of the content

New Vegas returned to free access, but without some of the content

Last week, the creators of the massive modification The Frontier for Fallout: New Vegas closed access to it. The reason was illegal content that was published by one of the developers. Recently, users again had the opportunity to download the mod, but with significant changes due to complaints from players and requests from creators.

As reported by the Eurogamer portal, the sound of individual characters, the music that was “played” on the Breach Outreach radio station and the creations of several artists were removed from The Frontier. All of this content was removed at the request of the authors who created it. Apparently, they didn’t want their names to be associated with the modification after the recent scandal.

In addition, certain fragments of The Frontier that were criticized by players were fixed. In mod, it is no longer possible to take a companion named America into slavery, and an inappropriate line in the dialogue of an underage girl May has been removed. The creators also temporarily blocked the ability to come into close contact with anthropomorphic lizards. The team plans to rework the race – exactly how it has not yet been reported.

According to tgspy, the head of The Frontier, the collective tried to deal tactfully with controversial topics, and the dialogues were written “Without malice”

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