New wireless headphones hinted at VR headset preparation for Xbox Series X and S

New wireless headphones hinted at VR headset preparation for Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft released the new Xbox Wireless Headset yesterday. And, according to IGN’s Italian division, this peripheral is perceived by the Xbox console as a VR headset, which may hint at the preparation of a real virtual reality headset for its consoles.

Currently, the VR space is still a niche market, but it is constantly growing thanks to large companies that continue to invest in it. When it comes to virtual reality on consoles, Sony Interactive Entertainment is the only platform-holder that supports the technology so far. The company also recently announced that a next-generation PlayStation VR headset is in development. For the most part, Microsoft has chosen to ignore this market, calling the PC the place for it.

But with the release of the new Xbox Wireless Headset, a strange thing happened. IGN Italy journalist Giovanni Marelli saw a message about the need to update the VR headset when the device was first connected to the Xbox console. “This is not an easy mistake, as the words about VR headset are also repeated in the following message and in the update launch button: ″ Update available for VR headset ″ and ″ Update VR headset ″, – he wrote.

Perhaps Microsoft is experimenting with support for Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets on Xbox consoles, or it may be preparing a new device specifically for consoles. According to an IGN Italy journalist, the Redmond company may share the news at upcoming platform events.

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