Newport Convertible Engineering engineers make convertible from Tesla Model 3

Newport Convertible Engineering engineers make convertible from Tesla Model 3

Tesla does not release Model 3 electric convertibles. However, this does not mean that with a sufficient budget, you cannot turn a popular sedan into a convertible. That’s exactly what the engineers of Newport Convertible Engineering believe, who in 2014 made a convertible from Model S, and this time professionally remade Model 3.

The published photos show that the redesigned Model 3 lost its rear window and a rigid roof, which was replaced by a foldable one. The central pillars remained in place, between which there was a crossbar that added rigidity to the roof and is a protection in case the car rolls over. In addition, Model 3 racks are equipped with several sensors that enable autopilot operation. If enthusiasts removed the racks, then Model 3 would lose one of its main functions.

The authors of the project are ready to turn Model 3 into a convertible with a soft roof that needs to be folded manually for $ 30 thousand. If the client wants to get a roof that can be automatically folded, the cost of work will increase to $ 40 thousand, and this does not take into account the price of Model 3 itself. Work on one electric car takes 2-3 months. During this time, specialists will not only cut the roof, but also strengthen the body and trim the electric car so that no defects are visible after a design change.

Most likely, most people will not be interested in such a modification, if only because it is expensive. However, there are few convertibles on the electric car market, and even the Tesla Model 3 in this design can even become something extremely rare on the road.

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