Аккумуляторный блок электромобилей NIO. Источник изображения: NIO

NIO has released a 100 kWh battery for its cars and is already developing a 150 kWh model

On Friday, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO unveiled a new traction battery pack for its electric vehicles. In addition to units with a capacity of 70 and 84 kWh, batteries with a capacity of 100 kWh are coming out, which will significantly increase the range of the company’s electric vehicles. As before, new 100 kWh units can be rented and can be quickly swapped at automatic battery change stations.

Battery pack for NIO electric vehicles. Image source: NIO

Battery pack for NIO electric vehicles. Image source: NIO

NIO EVs with the new high-capacity batteries will be available for pre-order from November 7, 2020. Users of the 70 kWh battery can either purchase a new battery straight away or gradually redeem it for 880 yuan per month ($ 133) or 7980 yuan per year ($ 1200).

Note that instead of charging, NIO practiced a free lifetime battery replacement for early car owners. This required a one-time payment of 20,000 yuan ($ 3,000). The lease terms have changed since October 11. In the future, this payment will cover only the first six replacements per month, and all subsequent ones will have to be paid separately, and the replacement service itself and electricity. This was done in order to save money on a still unprofitable business, but such a scenario, we are confident in NIO, will not infringe on the interests of most owners of electric vehicles.

High-capacity batteries of 100 kWh will increase the mileage of the company’s cars from 415-430 km to 580-600 km. Tesla’s electric vehicles have the same maximum capacity today. But soon NIO promises to introduce a battery with a capacity of 150 kWh, which will increase the mileage of the company’s electric vehicles to 900 km or more.

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