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Nissan denies participation in negotiations with Apple on the possibility of contract production of electric vehicles

After another denial of rumors about the failed cooperation of Hyundai and Kia with Apple, experts quickly switched to Nissan Motor, which is now undergoing a difficult restructuring. The brand has had some success in the electric car segment, but on the autopilot front, its progress is not so obvious. Nissan representatives had to deny information about negotiations with Apple.

Image source: Nissan

Image source: Nissan

Another troublemaker was The Financial Times, which reported the failure of Apple’s negotiations with Nissan Motor due to a divergence of positions on the role of each of the parties in the project to produce autonomous electric vehicles of the American brand. It is argued that the negotiations fell apart early on, before reaching the top management level. According to the source, Nissan was not satisfied with the status of a contract manufacturer, which would not allow the Japanese company to positively influence the loyalty of its own consumer audience.

Nissan’s COO Ashwani Gupta told The Financial Times that all of the company’s efforts to develop and build vehicles should ultimately translate into the satisfaction of the brand’s own customers. Nissan is open to partnerships with other companies in the field of autonomous driving and connected cars, but the company will adapt other people’s technologies to its own products, and not vice versa.

Rumors of a collaboration between Apple and Nissan briefly sparked a rally in the latter’s stock, but in an interview with Reuters, representatives of the Japanese manufacturer said there were no talks with Apple. On the other hand, it was noted that Nissan is always open to collaborations to accelerate the transformation of the industry.

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