No Man's Sky introduces Seasonal Expeditions Mode with New Rewards

No Man’s Sky introduces Seasonal Expeditions Mode with New Rewards

Hello Games has announced a massive Expeditions update for No Man’s Sky, an action-adventure sci-fi action game. The patch added a new Seasonal Mode, Challenges, Rewards, and more to the game.

With the release of Expeditions, No Man’s Sky has a separate mode that will change every season. Players will embark on a Community Expedition and will be able to participate in various stages of the Expedition. Each of them will offer new challenges: both simple and complex.

For completing tasks, players will receive mission stripes and other rewards (jetpack, exclusive ship, weapon, rank, and so on) that can be used in other modes. According to the developers, expeditions will evolve from season to season, and at the end they will be converted into save files for normal mode so that you can continue your space journey.

In addition, missions available from space station agents have been completely redesigned to enhance depth and interest. The rewards have also been adjusted, especially for high level missions.

Finally, Hello Games has improved the usability of No Man’s Sky: for example, it became possible to use the quick menu to switch the main starship when docking with a space anomaly. The fastening system has been significantly improved to provide more accurate and useful guidance when creating products or installing and repairing technology. The cost of some recipes has been changed to reduce grind, and resource deposits now yield more generous amounts of metal.

No Man’s Sky is out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S.

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