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NVIDIA autopilot will cost the user the cost of another machine, but payments will be spread over a decade

At previous industry events, NVIDIA representatives mostly talked about the fact that full autopilot features will increase the cost of cars by several thousand US dollars. Now they boldly assume that while using the car, the client will spend the cost of one more car on software updates.

Image source: Daimler

Image source: Daimler

Tesla is already educating its customers to pay a lot of money for control software by regularly raising the cost of the FSD option. All the equipment necessary for the implementation of these functions is already installed on all Tesla electric vehicles, the owner can simply activate them for a surcharge at any time when he has the money and desire.

At the Credit Suisse virtual conference, NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress, at the request of the presenter, tried to elaborate on the deal with Daimler, which will allow the company to supply the German automaker with components for active driver assistance and autopilot systems, as well as participate in the development of related software. According to Colette Kress, the extra charge for the availability of the corresponding options from one machine will approach $ 10,000, this money will be divided by Daimler and NVIDIA in the proportion stipulated by the terms of the contract.

The chief financial officer of NVIDIA agreed with the thesis put forward by the host of the event that over the average life of a car of ten years, its users will shell out for software updates an amount comparable to the initial cost of the car itself. In other words, updates to software functions will not be free in all situations, the most significant will have to pay extra, and for car owners of the future, this practice will become a habitual item of operating costs.

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