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NVIDIA has become more expensive than Intel, and now it is the third largest chip maker

Today, the NVIDIA stock price has risen by 2.4%, but this was enough to for the first time in the history of the company bypass the Intel in terms of capitalization. The stock price of NVIDIA since the beginning of the year grew by 72%, now it is the third largest developer of microcircuits in the world – its assets are estimated at $ 248 billion

Image Source: Bloomberg

Image Source: Bloomberg

In the semiconductor segment, only TSMC and Samsung Electronics can boast of higher capitalization, and the first of them, although it produces processors for other companies, is not involved in their development. Intel shares since the beginning of this year fell in price by 2%, so strong growth dynamics allowed NVIDIA to bypass the processor giant in terms of capitalization.

Investors, presumably, rely not only on NVIDIA gaming solutions, which remain highly popular, but also on server products of this brand, the range of which has been expanding rapidly in recent years, as well as the scope of their application. In just five years, NVIDIA’s server business has increased its revenue tenfold to $ 3 billion. After the takeover of Mellanox, which has already taken place formally, NVIDIA will receive up to half of all its revenues on the server side. Intel’s server business brings the company $ 20 billion a year, but NVIDIA’s revenue in this area shows higher growth rates.

Intel’s next attempt to return to the discrete graphics segment is not least connected with ambitions in the server market, since the unified architecture of GPUs will be used both in the consumer market and to speed up computing. The Intel Computing Accelerator Ponte Vecchio will debut at the end of next year, so while NVIDIA feels quite comfortable in the server segment in terms of competition. AMD only recently announced the creation of a CDNA architecture for discrete graphics, which is used in the server segment to speed up computing; products based on it have not yet been presented.

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