NVIDIA invents a touch trackball gamepad that combines a mouse and a joystick

NVIDIA invents a touch trackball gamepad that combines a mouse and a joystick

The Web has information about a patent from NVIDIA, which describes a controller with a trackball with touch recognition. A patent dating from 2019 proposes a trackball design that provides mouse-like input precision, but with “speed control” like a joystick.

The patent notes that there is currently no universal controller for games. “While one type of mouse or joystick input may be preferred for one type of game, it may not be preferred or even unsuitable for another type of game.“, – indicated in the explanation to the patent application.

The solution is a game controller that uses appropriate input, capable of providing absolute precision like a mouse or trackball, but can also measure how far from the center of the screen the cursor is (for example, how far from center it has moved), and can return to center when released as when using a joystick.

The result is a multifunctional controller. “The presented game controller features a touch trackball that allows you to take advantage of both mouse and joystick control, giving the user the ability to play any game without worrying about the compatibility of their game controllers“, – stated in the patent.

The documentation also mentions a processor housed in a case and configured to generate simulated joystick input, as well as a conductive core to provide a capacitive touch interface.

It is not yet clear if this patent application is just a groundwork for the future, or if we are talking about a device that may be launched into production in the near future. In any case, users will not give up the keyboard and mouse yet.

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