Oclean will present the Oclean X Pro Elite smart toothbrush next week

Oclean will present the Oclean X Pro Elite smart toothbrush next week

The electric toothbrush market can currently be divided into two segments: traditional electric toothbrushes and smart ones. The popularity of smart brushes is growing every day, so they not only allow you to qualitatively clean the oral cavity, but also understand what measures can be taken to improve its health. Well-known manufacturers of smart electric toothbrushes include Philips, Oral-B, and Oclean, a sub-brand of Xiaomi that specializes in developing oral care devices.

In most cases, the intelligent functions of smart toothbrushes can only be realized using a mobile app while brushing your teeth. For example, in the past, to launch the blind spot monitoring function, it was necessary to open an application to monitor the cleaning status. However, the technology for monitoring blind spots has undergone profound changes, and now the user no longer needs to launch the application, since the smart toothbrush can collect data and analyze the brushing results by itself. Such qualities are possessed by the Oclean X Pro series of toothbrushes. These brushes can independently, without connecting to the application, collect and process data in order to ensure a thorough monitoring of blind spots. The analysis results are displayed on a touch screen on the brush body. By the way, by touching the screen, you can change the cleaning mode, choosing a more suitable one.

Oclean offers over 20 professional dental care programs that can be tailored to suit the user’s eating habits and oral health. The app will also help users customize the cleaning program according to their oral health conditions. Oclean’s blind spot monitoring and program’s personalized customization features effectively help users develop healthy dental brushing habits and prevent oral diseases.

As it became known, Oclean will soon release the “ultra-smart” electric toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite. Its world premiere will take place on Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay on March 29th. The new electric toothbrush is equipped with the latest software that optimizes the smart experience by comprehensively improving the brushing system.

In addition, Oclean X Pro Elite supports innovative noise canceling technology and Qi fast wireless charging technology, also used to recharge mobile phones.

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