Oklahoma lures Ilona Mask with a huge statue with his face

This week, the Tesla Owners Club of Oklahoma, which brings together Tesla electric car owners from Oklahoma, and Tulsa Mayor George Theron Bynum IV unveiled a new look for the local landmark – the 75-foot-tall Golden Driller statue, which painted the face of Tesla CEO Ilon Mask and put on the company logo. Also on the belt buckle the inscription “TULSA” was replaced by “TESLA”.

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Tulsa (Oklahoma) and Austin (Texas) are considered the main bidders for the construction of the Tesla plant for the production of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck and Model Y crossover. And in this original way, the city authorities decided to attract the attention of the head of the company.

Tulsa is a city that does not stifle entrepreneurs – we respect themBinum tweeted. – Golden Elon Musk is the 6th tallest among the tallest statues in the United States“.

Earlier this week, many news sources reported, citing an anonymous source familiar with the issue, that Tulsa and Austin are seen as the most likely bidders for the Tesla electric car assembly plant in the United States. The construction of the plant, it is alleged, will create 10 thousand new jobs in the selected city.

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