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Omron directs industrial robots to fight against coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic spurred the automation of production processes, as people had to be excluded from them for safety reasons. In a short time, it was possible to adapt robots for work in medical institutions mainly for logistics operations, but the Japanese company Omron entrusted them with disinfection of the premises.

Image Source: Omron

Image Source: Omron

An operation that is important in terms of protecting people from coronavirus disinfection of premises puts participants in such manipulations at risk. As noted by the Nikkei Asian Review, the Japanese company Omron was able to quickly launch the production of robots suitable for spraying disinfectants and surface treatment with ultraviolet radiation.

The basis was taken by industrial robots that were used to move tools and components in factories. Robots are equipped with specialized equipment for disinfection at Omron partner enterprises located in more than ten countries of the world. The price range for finished products – from $ 56,000 to $ 74,600 per robot.

Omron basic transport robots are able to scan space using the so-called lidar – an optical sensor that uses laser radiation to determine the distance to objects. By forming a three-dimensional map of space, robots avoid collisions with surrounding objects and people, and also calculate the optimal trajectory of movement.

Several robots can be connected to one control center. Automated installations not only do not require protective suits, glasses, masks and gloves, but can also work around the clock, which allows to increase the frequency of disinfection of premises.

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