On Air Horror Trailer with NVIDIA RTX Effects

On Air Horror Trailer with NVIDIA RTX Effects

NVIDIA teamed up with RainStyle games to unveil On Air, a survival horror trailer, coming March 3 on PC (Steam). The video focuses on improved reflections and shadows using ray tracing – judging by the comparative shots, the difference is sometimes quite eloquent. Support for DLSS smart scaling is also promised.

According to the plot, the events of On Air unfold in 1969 in the American state of Louisiana during Hurricane Camille. The main character is Ray Smith, a man without a past, who hurries to a meeting with an informant near the mysterious Algol Hotel. The contact should convey important information about the missing employees of Ankor, which is known for its technological successes in recent years.

Waking up trapped in one of the hotel rooms, Rey tries to hide from his pursuers, find an informant and figure out what happened. Ordinary rooms and corridors turn into overgrown frightening jungle. Rei quickly realizes that some kind of contamination has occurred, which spreads through the air and infects all organic and inorganic materials except metals and polymers. The hero finds a unique device with which he can contact another survivor. Together they try to get out thanks to the local unusual technologies.

The gameplay includes the search for the necessary items, as well as solving plot tasks that will help unlock new levels. Some of the items found have unique properties. In addition to the main story, there are additional quests at each level that allow you to uncover parallel storylines. During the game, the atmosphere of the 60s is gradually transformed into an environment with elements of science fiction.

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