Onboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship, "the third crew member"

Onboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship, “the third crew member”

Booster Falcon 9 with the ship Crew Dragon and two NASA astronauts Bob Benken (Bob Behnken) and Doug Hurley (Doug Hurley) successfully sent to the ISS. The device has already entered the calculated orbit. As part of this historic launch, another “crew member” was on board.

In the third seat of the manned Crew Dragon, in preparation for launch, a toy was discovered that geophysicist Mika McKinnon immediately identified as a TY Flippables Tremor Dinosaur plush dinosaur.

This is by no means the first time that various toys fly in orbit with people. The thing is that they act as a physical indicator of weightlessness: under the influence of reduced gravity they begin to float inside the ship.

In March last year, the Crew Dragon ship was already flying to the International Space Station. True, without a crew. Then on board was a plush toy of the Earth, which the head of the private space company SpaceX, Elon Musk, reported just before launch.

The ISS crew liked the toy, so it remained on board even after the empty Crew Dragon flew back to Earth. Last year, Bob Benken expressed the hope that Plush Earth would meet them with Doug Hurley aboard the ISS.

“I hope that by the time we arrive on the ISS, she will already become a full member of the station and will be able to hold a briefing for us on the current situation on board”– Benken joked then.

Plush dinosaurs on the ISS have also been. In 2013, NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, the wife of Doug Hurley, sewed a toy dinosaur for her son while she was aboard the station.

Dinosaur, Benken and Hurley will approach the ISS tomorrow, May 31, about 19 hours after launch. The docking of the Crew Dragon spacecraft in the automatic mode with the ISS is scheduled for 10:29 by the time of the US East Coast (18:29 Moscow time).

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