One or someone else? An ominous figure found in Valheim watching the players

One or someone else? An ominous figure found in Valheim watching the players

Survival Simulator Valheim was one of the first surprise hits of 2021 and has already sold two million copies on Steam. The project attracted many users who began to explore its open world and solve secrets. One of these was discovered by a visitor to the Reddit forum under the pseudonym Scoobysnacklover1. He shared a snapshot of an ominous, mysterious figure watching the player’s character from a distance.

The unknown person looks a little scary: her black cloak with a hood hides her face and body, and a stick in her hands, apparently, helps when walking. Gamerant has researched various resources and collected fan theories regarding this figure. The most popular says that Odin appears in front of users in this form. If the player does an act pleasing to God, then the latter descends from heaven and watches him.

You won’t be able to get too close to the mysterious character. According to users, it will simply disappear, although there was a case where a figure turned into a gray dwarf shaman. Some Valheim fans have also noticed that a glowing red eye is visible under the hood at a certain distance from the person under the hood.

According to other fan theories, the character represents the local Slender Man, the Forest King, and so on. There are still many mythical creatures on the list, but so far all this is nothing more than guesswork, because the developers have not confirmed any of them.

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