Operator with the fastest mobile Internet

Operator with the fastest mobile Internet

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 03.11.2020

Operator with the fastest mobile Internet

According to the results of a study by IAA TelecomDaily, the average speed of mobile Internet in Russia was 24 Mbit / sec.

The fastest in October among the operators of the Quartet with the mobile Internet service was MegaFon. In terms of the average and maximum data transfer rate, the company outstripped the rest by two or more

The average speed of MegaFon in Russia is approaching 40 Mbit / s, in St. Petersburg – over 43 Mbit / s. The second and third places are taken by MTS and VimpelCom. Average mobile Internet speed of these operators
exceeds 20 Mbps. Tele2 closes the four with a speed of 14.5 Mbit / s.

The rating was compiled using the Megabitus application developed by IAA TelecomDaily. The results include anonymized data obtained during October in more than 30 largest cities of the Russian Federation in
based on tens of thousands of measurements. One and the same subscriber could launch Megabitus at home, in the office, in a store, in the country, and also test the speed in Wi-Fi networks. The assessment was based on the achieved
data transfer rate (maximum, minimum, arithmetic mean), as well as other parameters described by GOST (coefficient of successful logins (successful attempts to establish
connections), login time (for 80% and 95% of attempts), failure rate, etc.).

The speed is fixed in more than 20 cellular networks (and in several dozen fixed ones), however, indicators are given only for the largest of them: MTS, MegaFon, VimpelCom (Beeline brand),
Tele2, Rostelecom, ER-Telecom, MGTS.

Research results:

1. Average data transfer rate (viewing content, surfing the sites)

According to this indicator, MegaFon (38.6 Mbps) is almost twice ahead of the following MTS (19.7 Mbps) and Vimpelcom (18.4 Mbps), Tele2 has 14.4 Mbps. / sec. Thus, the four largest
the country’s mobile networks provide an average speed of 24 Mbps, although three of them do not reach it.

2. Maximum data transfer rate (posting content from the subscriber)

The indicator was measured only for cellular networks; it is less significant than the average speed, but allows you to estimate the technical parameters of the network. MegaFon remained the undisputed leader – 229.5 Mbit / sec, then
– Vimpelcom (160.5 Mbps), MTS (94.1 Mbps) and Tele2 (88.4 Mbps).

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