Over the past 7 years, AMD has shipped over 550 million GPUs

Over the past 7 years, AMD has shipped over 550 million GPUs

According to Jon Peddie Research (JPR), over the past 7 years, AMD has sold more than half a billion of its GPUs, which in itself is a huge achievement, although Intel is still technically the leader in GPUs. These results are partly due to competent cooperation with manufacturers of game consoles, and partly to the general popularity of AMD devices – Ryzen hybrid processors and Radeon video cards.

If you look at the distribution across various categories of AMD products, discrete graphics cards provide the company with most of the sales – about 36 percent of the total supply of graphics processors. The APU (AMD Accelerated Processing Unit) hybrid processors account for a total of 35 percent, and consoles, 29 percent. Note that the supply of APUs for laptops exceeds the number of desktop counterparts in a 2: 1 ratio.

Of course, if we look at these figures, we can easily see how AMD reached the sales mark of 553 million GPUs in 2019.

The JPR resource also provided additional information to assess manufacturers’ shares in the total supply of graphics processors over the past seven years: AMD – 22%, NVIDIA – 16% and Intel – 62%. Since almost all Intel processors have integrated graphics processors (with the exception of the HEDT segment and server chips), as well as the fact that over the past 7 years this company has occupied a much larger share of the CPU market, its performance is undoubtedly significantly higher than AMD and NVIDIA.

Nevertheless, AMD can be congratulated on the fact that things are going well with her. The next undefeated peak for the company is 1 billion GPUs. And winning the contracts for the supply of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles should certainly help AMD achieve this goal.

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