Overwatch 2 features hundreds of heroic missions and dialogues, dynamic maps, and more

Overwatch 2 features hundreds of heroic missions and dialogues, dynamic maps, and more

After BlizzConline 2021 kicked off yesterday, Blizzard provided some additional information on Overwatch 2. We’ve already covered the evolution of McCree, Farrah, Reaper, and Widowmaker, as well as the new Rail Cannon character Sojurn. Now let’s mention other expected innovations in the Overwatch sequel.

For example, the Overwatch 2 team introduced viewers to some of the new locations players will go to in the project. We are talking about the map “Rome”, where the action of the “Onslaught” mode will unfold. Also shown is a general view of New York from the alternate future of the Overwatch universe.

The team has already made a number of changes based on player feedback on the BlizzCon 2019 showcase for Overwatch 2. In particular, some Null Sector opponents like Stalker and Breacher have been reworked. The purpose of the innovations is to make shooting dummies more fun. As a result, new types of opponents have been added, which will react to the actions of players and diversify the gameplay. Some enemies may not even fire: Breacher, for example, simply aims to reach its target and explode. Other enemies include the Slicer, Puller, and elite fighters like the Omnic Grunt.

The developers also gave the opportunity to take a look at the latest version of the talent system, which allows you to customize the abilities of the heroes in completely new cooperative modes. With the help of a small skill tree, the player will be able to experiment with their character, and each character will have their own branches of development.

The video also contains updated information on story and hero missions, including how the team is making the world more dynamic. The goal of heroic PvE missions is to play together to level up their heroes, but the authors do not want this to look like a simple routine, so there will be many missions, literally hundreds.

The developers note that such heroic missions can take place on regular multiplayer maps, to which new areas will be added. For example, in one of these missions in the King’s Row arena, the gates open, and the heroes find themselves in a new area that did not exist before.

Another example is the dynamic sandstorm on the Temple of Anubis map. Familiar missions will become more varied thanks to the introduction of the change of day and night, wind and other weather conditions.

The team also touched on their experiments with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning tanks into more aggressive characters who can more effectively confront other heroes, and not just cover the team. For example, Reinhardt can receive two Fire Strikes to be able to attack more often; and his ability “Dash” can be canceled so as not to fly into the abyss with the enemy or alone. And Winston can send a powerful charge forward at a distance. The developers are also experimenting with passive skills: for example, tanks are more difficult to knock back, heroes with protection from damage receive a bonus to movement speed, and support characters receive automatic healing after avoiding damage for a while.

In addition to creating new modes, the developers are thinking about rethinking the old ones. For example, the “Capture points” mode may not enter the second part in its usual form. In general, the team strives to rethink literally everything while maintaining continuity.

Each story mission will have an introduction and an ending, so the presentation of the story will be much more coherent and consistent than before. All heroes participating in the mission will receive their own dialogues, and they may differ depending on the circumstances.

Overwatch 2 was introduced at BlizzCon in November 2019, where it was announced that all heroes and levels will receive an updated look, new characters will appear, and all cosmetics and progress will be preserved. Overwatch owners 1 and 2 will be able to play together in shared multiplayer PvP battles, but to access the co-op missions, you will need to purchase a new game. No release date has been announced, but it’s definitely not worth waiting for a launch this year.

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