Own scanners for lithographic chip production will appear in China in 2021–2022

Own scanners for lithographic chip production will appear in China in 2021–2022

The basis of the security of China and any other country is the ability to produce advanced industrial equipment. In this, China lags far behind the countries of the West. Nevertheless, there is progress in this direction. It is reported, for example, that within a year or two in China, the production of domestic lithographic scanners for the production of semiconductors with 28 nm standards will begin.

Everything goes to the point that Western partners will try to restrain China’s high-tech development more and more strongly. This country has already shown that in the shortest possible time by historical standards, it can work miracles, although not everything does not always go as planned. But there is noticeable progress, and China is ready to close the gap even in the production of equipment for the production of silicon chips.

According to Chinese sources, Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment (Group) Co. (SMEE) intends to improve branded scanners for the lithographic production of semiconductors and in 2021 or 2022 will introduce installations for immersion lithography with standards up to 28 nm. Today, SMEE produces scanners focused on the production of chips with the norms of 280, 110 and 90 nm. It is impossible to compare with EUV scanners from ASML from the Netherlands, but it compares favorably with the approach of Russia, which many years ago purchased used equipment that was similar in terms of technological standards from ST Micro and AMD.

In addition to lithographic scanners, Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment manufactures equipment for testing and packaging chips. Thus, it provides everything necessary for organizing a full production cycle of semiconductors from processing 200 mm and 300 mm silicon substrates to packaging and testing.

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