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Owners of new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y could face problems with heating

Tesla Model Y crossovers were originally equipped with a heat pump, which was supposed to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Tesla Model 3 received a heat pump only during the 2021 model year update. Tesla’s Canadian electric car owners have started complaining about the heater’s performance, which could be related to the heat pump.

Image source: Green Car Reports

Image source: Green Car Reports

With the advent of Tesla Model Y crossovers on sale, it became clear that they are equipped with heat pumps that redistribute heat to heat the passenger compartment, which in all other models of the brand’s electric vehicles wasted the traction battery charge, since resistive elements are responsible for heating. A heat pump, in theory, made it possible to heat fluid from an electric motor, which generates heat during operation, and then use this energy to heat the passenger compartment. The power reserve of an electric vehicle in cold climates should suffer less.

According to Electrek, owners of the new Tesla Model Y and Model 3 electric vehicles in Canada began to complain massively about the failure of the interior heating system. One of the victims reported that her Tesla Model 3 was taken to a branded service until January 11. Although a replacement electric vehicle was provided, this delay may indicate that the problem is widespread and the services are under heavy load. The Tesla Model 3 is believed to have received a heat pump in an upgrade by 2021. Whether the heat pump is the source of heating problems is anyone’s guess, but the answer to this question will surely be received soon.

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