Panasonic has introduced VR glasses with HDR and UHD support

Panasonic has introduced VR glasses with HDR and UHD support

Catherine Alexandrova

Panasonic has introduced the world’s first virtual reality goggles to support High Definition and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

As the company noted, the gadget that resembles old school “goggles” is as simple and easy to use as regular sunglasses. It premiered at the CES 2020 International Exhibition
in Las Vegas, USA.


For the new VR glasses, Panasonic has developed high-performance displays in collaboration with Kopin Corporation, a maker of VR displays. The gadget also uses audio and visual technology
Panasonic, among others, for signal processing, honed in the production of video equipment (TV and Blu-ray), Technics audio products, as well as optical technologies used in LUMIX digital cameras.

The glasses are equipped with OLED micropanels and provide a natural and even picture without the characteristic “lattice effect” through which thin lines between pixels become visible to the user.
The use of the original Technics Dynamic Emitter provides accurate diaphragm movement and ultra-low sound distortion consumption.

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