Paradox Launches Crusader Kings II Expansion Subscription

Paradox Launches Crusader Kings II Expansion Subscription

Paradox Interactive has announced an add-on subscription for Crusader Kings II. The total cost of downloadable content exceeds $ 300, so subscription should become a more affordable alternative for players.

The base game on Steam is shareware, but the cost of the entire Crusader Kings II to new players can seem high and daunting given the sheer amount of DLC. “This is an affordable way for players to explore the entire Crusader Kings II catalog without weighing what they’d like to buy.”– said a spokesman for Paradox Interactive on the official forum.

The service can be purchased on Steam for 133 rubles per month. It provides access to 13 major expansions, 12 unit packs, 14 music packs, 10 portrait packs, the transfer of progress from Crusader Kings II to Europa Universalis IV, and the ruler editor.

In a forum post, a Paradox spokesperson added: “Obviously, this is not something for people who already own all or most of the content. But for someone who is just getting started and only has the free base game, this might be a more attractive deal than buying all the content (which is a pretty decent amount, I must admit). With this solution, a new player can access all content at a more reasonable cost. “

Crusader Kings II is only available on PC.

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