Parler may never return to work

John Matze, CEO of social networking platform Parler, disconnected from AWS servers and blocked by the App Store and Google Play for lack of moderation of violent content, remains optimistic, although he admits that the platform may will never return to the Internet. “It may never happen– he said in an interview with Reuters. – We don’t know yet“.


I’m an optimist. It may take days, weeks, but Parler will be back, and when we do, we will be stronger”- added Matze when the news was already published. Earlier, the social network reported that it has 12 million users.

Matze said Parler had negotiated with several cloud services, but declined to name names, citing the likelihood of retaliation against these companies. He noted that it would be better if Parler returned to serving on the cloud platform.

On Monday, Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon’s cloud computing division for violating US antitrust laws. Parler claims Amazon did not provide evidence that the platform was used to incite and orchestrate a January 6 siege of government buildings, according to court documents released Wednesday. She called the termination of Amazon hosting services “disastrous.”

According to Matze, the list of companies that have refused to cooperate with Parler is very wide. He revealed that Parler was also disconnected from Stripe’s online payment service and lost its database at Scylla Enterprise, as well as access to Twilio Inc and Slack Technologies Inc, a popular workplace messaging app.

ScyllaDB and Twilio explained to Reuters the end of the collaboration as a violation of Parler’s policy on posting violent content. Slack and Stripe have not yet provided Reuters with comment on this matter.

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