Генеральный директор Parler Джон Матце (John Matze). Источник изображения: CNBC

Parler sues Amazon

Disconnected from the servers and effectively persecuted social networking service Parler has filed a lawsuit against Amazon’s AWS hosting service. Disconnecting the company is interpreted as disconnecting the patient from the life support system while he is ready to progress. This cannot be ignored.

Parler CEO John Matze. Image source: CNBC

Parler CEO John Matze. Image source: CNBC

“AWS’s decision to terminate Parler appears to be driven by political animosity.”, – the lawsuit says. Parler also considers the actions taken by AWS to be in violation of US antitrust laws. For similar “Inciting hatred” The Twitter service was not blocked, while support for Parler was unilaterally discontinued.

Unfortunately for Parler, these are not all the troubles that befell her head. The company’s negligence in ensuring security, as well as the dishonesty of developers and partners led to the fact that a significant amount of user data in the amount of 70 TB was freely available and is probably already being thoroughly understood by opponents of the Trump camp in order to search for compromising evidence. This will not end well for one side or the other. There may be such a struggle for peace that there will be no stone unturned.

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