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Part of the Apple AirPods Pro earphones was recalled due to defects

The Apple AirPods Pro version of the fully wireless earbuds offered buyers active noise canceling technology, an adaptive equalizer and three types of interchangeable earbuds – all for an additional payment of 5000 rubles relative to the AirPods version with a wireless charging case. Some of the AirPods Pro released before October have now come under recall due to defects found.

Image Source: Getty Images

Image Source: Getty Images

According to the official notice on the Apple website in the customer support section, some headphones of the AirPods Pro family may emit a crackling or static background sound in various situations, and may not work correctly with Active Noise Cancellation technology. For example, low frequencies may disappear, or background noise from the street or the hum of aircraft engines may increase.

Owners of defective earbuds should contact an Apple Certified Service Center for a free replacement of one or both AirPods Pro. The service staff will first check for the described defects, and then offer the customer new headphones (one or two) as a replacement. The charging case does not fall under the recall, it cannot be exchanged. It is reported that defective copies were produced before October 2020, the problem has limited distribution, so AirPods Pro owners should not worry too much about this.

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