Patent troll sues Apple for $ 506 million in LTE case

Patent troll sues Apple for $ 506 million in LTE case

Apple will have to pay PanOptis $ 506 million for willful infringement of several patents related to 4G LTE technology – this is the ruling of the Texas Federal jury.

The jury said Apple failed to prove PanOptis’ patent claims were invalid, resulting in a $ 506 million compensation order. PanOptis first filed a lawsuit against Apple in February 2019 on behalf of five of its subsidiaries, accusing Apple of infringing seven patents related to LTE standards. According to PanOptis, all LTE-enabled Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, infringe its LTE-related patents.

PanOptis claimed damages in the form of reasonable fees. It is worth noting that PanOptis and its subsidiaries Optis Wireless Technology, Optis Cellular Technology, Unwired Planet and Unwired Planet International are not actually doing real business, but owning patents and generating income from litigation. In other words, they are patent trolls.

Shortly before the initial lawsuit was filed, Apple initiated a process to close all of its stores in the East District of Texas, presumably to avoid patent infringement litigation in a jurisdiction that is a favorite habitat for patent trolls. However, PanOptis’ lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of Texas, and a jury trial was held there.

Apple will undoubtedly appeal this decision.

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